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Outraged Congresswoman Seeks Co-signers in Letter to President Bush on EPA Rpt.

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  • Mike Neuman
    Here s something anyone who feels the urge could do to help wake up the many political Neanderthals in this country to the potential seriousness of the global
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2003
      Here's something anyone who feels the urge could do to help wake up
      the many political Neanderthals in this country to the potential
      seriousness of the global warming issue (regardless of how "left"
      or "right" they are).

      Please call your U.S. representative in Washington and ask him or her
      to co-sign Rep. Tammy Baldwin's letter to President Bush, protesting
      the EPA action of removing the critical issue of climate change from
      the Draft Report on the Environment.

      The EPA is remiss in not including the climate change issue in the
      draft. By removing the issue of global warming and greenhouse gas
      emissions from the report, EPA and the Bush administration have
      usurped the public's right to offer meaningful comment on what may be
      the most significant, environmentally threatening, and growing human
      problem for decades and centuries to come.

      Ask your representative to please call Baldwin's Office (at the
      telephone number listed at the end of this message) and ask that they
      be included as a co-signer of the letter. The letter can be forward
      by e-mail for their inspection if they so desire.

      Baldwin's office says 28 or 29 U.S. representatives have already
      agreed to sign the letter.

      - Mike Neuman, Madison, Wisconsin

      Baldwin Seeks Supporters In Critique Of Epa Report
      The Capital Times, Report by Joe Potente
      Wednesday, June 25, 2003

      U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, is seeking co-signers for a
      letter she plans to send to President Bush later this week
      protesting "large omissions and major oversights" in a status report
      issued Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency.
      According to Mark Webster, communications director for Baldwin, she
      and 17 co-signers to date are hoping to force the Bush administration
      to release information gathered by the EPA on the impact of global
      warming. This information was omitted, Webster said, from the report,
      which is intended to be a comprehensive look at the quality of U.S.
      air, water, land and public health.

      "She also wants to call the administration on the carpet for deleting
      real scientific data -- an edit to a report prepared by the EPA
      itself," Webster said.

      Although Baldwin has 17 co-sponsors on the letter, Webster said
      Baldwin hoped to have many more members of Congress sign on before
      the end of the week.

      "We have the facts, the research is in and yet the White House
      deliberately deleted it from a significant national report on the
      environment," Baldwin said. "I am outraged."

      The New York Times initially released information last week stating
      that White House officials had removed language from an early EPA
      draft of the report that had expressed the scientific consensus of
      the impact of global warming, instead inserting language stating more
      uncertainty about the matter.

      According to a Los Angeles Times report, EPA Administrator Christie
      Whitman said she later decided to remove the global warming chapter
      from the report, knowing that the decision would create a "brouhaha."

      "It didn't have the depth and the credibility that the rest of the
      report has," said Whitman, who is due to leave her post later this
      month. "If all you can get is pabulum, it is better not to do
      Contact information for U.S. Representative Baldwin:

      Telephone: (202) 225-2906

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