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Carfree city / ecovillage under construction in Belize!

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  • Colin Leath
    http://www.longcayebelize.com/faq/may_I_drive_a_car_on_the_island.htm It s definitely not large enough to be a city, but cars are prohibited, all toilets are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2003

      It's definitely not large enough to be a city, but cars are
      prohibited, all toilets are composting, all electricity is
      renewably generated, etc.

      (I couldn't tell, but it looks like less than 1,000 parcels
      of ~6 - 9 thousand sq feet each?)

      very cool.

      I came upon it from http://escapeartist.com,
      wondering where I might buy an acre of land for cheap to
      practice permaculture/forest garden construction on.

      I'm also using this as an excuse to announce

      to the IC/EV community--from now on I won't spam you all,
      I'll just post these messages (about carfree ecovillages) there.

      There are still some 6,300 sq feet parcels for less than
      $20,000 (Which I figure is close to the tribal housing price
      range ? :) )

      I'm not quite yet ready to buy property yet, but I'm
      starting to think about it.

      I've been reading _Gaia's Garden_ _Gardening for the future
      of the earth_, and _how to make a forest garden_.

      For a real forest garden, you want to be working with the
      same land for at least 5-10 years, so being a nomad might
      not work unless you're able to plant plants you value in
      places you can expect them to remain undisturbed for that
      long-- which does seem possible.

      Which reminds me: here's a nomadic / neoprimitive project
      that I found: (1,500 acres in Baja California - I guess
      that's less than 3sq miles? not much to be a nomad on...)


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