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RE: [carfree_cities] Infinite expansion(?) [Was: Re: Charlotte, NC Big Box Ordinance]

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  • Patrick McDonough
    Matt wrote: Call me a paranoid doomsayer, but Okay, you re a paranoid doomsayer. I sympathize with your frustration, but don t let it lead to paralysis. I
    Message 1 of 6 , May 9, 2003
      Matt wrote:
      "Call me a paranoid doomsayer, but"

      Okay, you're a paranoid doomsayer. I sympathize with your frustration, but
      don't let it lead to paralysis. I highly doubt a big box ordinance like
      Charlotte's will drive where big boxes get built as much as roadway
      improvements and population. Of course, assuming there is some kind of
      county, you could get them to pass a similar ordinance. The rural character
      argument will probably resonate with either.

      One thing the boxes don't want you to know is that they pick their locations
      very carefully, and then threaten to move if they don't get their way. A
      lot of them will make concessions in order to be in a prime retail location.
      Of course, getting politicians to stand on such firm ground is the trick.

      Anyway- you're certainly allowed to be angry with the status quo; I know,
      I've been there. However, find an idea for change and improvement you can
      get behind, and stick with it. That's the best way to help ensure your kid
      can one day walk home from band practice, unless he's got an interest in the
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