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  • Louis-Luc
    ... A good example is Place Alexis-Nihon, at Atwater station, 2 stops west from the main city. This is a huge shopping mall, with everything you find in the
    Message 1 of 15 , May 6, 2003
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      > Many good points, Mike; a couple of my comments follow...
      > On Monday, May 5, 2003, at 06:30 pm, Mike Harrington wrote:
      > > What the article doesn't mention is that the large Montréal subway
      > > system
      > > makes the underground city possible. The development of the métro
      > > (subway)
      > > has coincided with that of the city. Montrealers may need to correct
      > > me,
      > > but I think the subterranean development started there with the
      > > construction
      > > of Place Ville Marie in 1964 and the first métro train in 1966. But
      > > then,
      > > the Gazette is a Montréal newspaper, and most people reading it would
      > > know
      > > that.
      > Spot on about the history; and yes, as a Montrealer, I forgot that not
      > everyone is in on the Metro connection. In fact, there are a number of
      > segments in the underground/indoor city that are unconnected except by
      > the Metro lines themselves.
      A good example is Place Alexis-Nihon, at Atwater station, 2 stops west from
      the main city. This is a huge shopping mall, with everything you find in the
      typical North-American mall, except you access it by the metro.
      There is also Berri-UQAM station, 2 stops east from
      the main city, where 3 of the 4 lines meet, which
      also has some interesting places like the
      Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) main campus,
      Place Dupuis (formerly the large surface all-purpose
      store Dupuis Frères, now replaced with offices, stores
      and restaurants), and the upcoming huge library, Grande Bibliothèque du
      Québec, which is under construction.
      Even though this section is not connected to the main core, two metro lines
      link them, so if one is temporarily stopped, one can use the other.

      Another point: the underground city does
      > have a downside, namely that much of the space that makes it up is
      > private property in commercial buildings and many of these areas
      > actually close late in the evening, unlike the regular streets.
      That's the bad point, indeed. I live in suburb now, so I never walk there
      after the last train. I imagine late at night, they must provide you with a
      path to walk to the metro, until metro closes.

      The next step is to ask the City if they could buy the private corridors,
      and make them as open as streets. If we think about it carefully, many
      outdoor lands owners who build many buildings "gave literally away" the
      space for the new street to the city, which paved it over for cars. I think
      it's time to do the same for walking.

      Let's take an alley, behind many house backyards. It's like a small street,
      but private. The City has no right to manage it. If cars are allowed (some
      owners don't want cars in, but children in this refuge), then the
      entire responsibility is given to car owner. In the winter, it's not
      guaranteed they can drive through, unless all other residents take off the
      snow. If one wants to keep the snow, then car owners certainly can't do
      anything (or maybe plow it themselves....)
      > > (...) There is a huge amount of foot traffic and I'd
      > > venture to say that Montrealers get more exercise than the typical
      > > person in
      > > North America.
      > In fact, the downtown area has the highest density of people walking to
      > work, according to statistics published a few years ago.
      Not surprising at all. With such a life quality, who
      wouldn't walk?

    • Louis-Luc
      Hi, again. Today, I happened to walk towards gap between Square Victoria metro and Palais des Congrès, and I happily noticed the new walkway was open! I
      Message 2 of 15 , May 7, 2003
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        Hi, again.

        Today, I happened to walk towards gap between Square
        Victoria metro and Palais des Congrès, and I happily
        noticed the new walkway was open! I slowly started to
        stroll in to explore the new environment, and see where I would get. This
        place is really futurist. Beautiful neon lights are lighting the tall walls
        from the bottom, and these walls are made of thick glass panels.
        The brand new floors are all shiny, and the corridor is wide, so it can
        accomodate a good load of traffic.
        I ended up passing a door and recognizing the Palais des Congrès floor by
        the tile pattern. I arrived at the
        escalator which was not operating, so I climbed up like
        normal stairs. On the ground level I surprisingly
        saw the barrier poles were still blocking the way. I
        passed in the tiny gap next to the wall, and the guard came to me and said I
        was not allowed to go where I came from! He couldn't see me go in, no matter
        how well he keeps an eye on the prohibited area :-)

        I told him I went all the way from Square-Victoria metro and ended up there,
        and the passage was open.
        He told me they were making audio testings for the
        alarm systems, and the passageway would open in 2 to
        3 weeks. I told him the place is very beautiful and
        futurist. I continued my way to the Complexe Desjardins, thinking that May
        7, 2003 is the very first day I make the link between two formerly unlinked
        major sections of the Underground City.

        I'll wait for the delay to elapse before returning, but if a Montrealer from
        our forum want to give it the try before the official opening, I guess it
        would be cool.
        Of course, take the passage from Square-Victoria metro, to Palais des
        Congrès (and not the other way around), and tell us what the guard says. You
        just need to say you came from the metro and didn't know...

        The guards and other staff will just notice that the
        passageway system is awaited, and is already popular
        even before the official launch.

      • m82a1_dawson@hotmail.com
        Dear T_2000@yahoogroups.com, carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, montrain@lists.ca, Your friend m82a1_dawson@hotmail.com thought you might be interested in this
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          Dear T_2000@yahoogroups.com, carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, montrain@...,

          Your friend m82a1_dawson@... thought you might be interested in this canada.com story:

          "Streetcar named the future"


          Streetcar named the future
          Montreal lightrail meeting at 4505 Park Avenue tonight (March 16, 19:00). ASD

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