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Trees Not Cars (It's Arbor Day and Earth Day!)

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  • Jym Dyer
    *** Plant A Tree For Critical Mass! *** =v= Arbor Day varies from state to state (due to climate), but it s often the last Friday of April, which in many
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2003
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      *** Plant A Tree For Critical Mass! ***

      =v= Arbor Day varies from state to state (due to climate), but
      it's often the last Friday of April, which in many places is
      the same day as Critical Mass! Two great Earth-friendly events
      on the same day. (You can look up your local Arbor Day at this


      Or just plant trees during Critical Mass any time!)

      =v= Earth Day is usually April 22nd, though Earth Day events
      vary quite a bit as well (they're usually on weekends):


      It's usually a good idea for Critical Mass to show up at Earth
      Day events. It's a great place to pass out fliers, and you've
      got to keep an eye on those who are trying to "save the earth"
      by trying to sell "eco-friendly" cars and SUVs.

      =v= If you're looking for something to do *on* Earth Day, see

      => Date: April 21, 2003 (Please Post Widely)
      => From: Lisa Dix, American Lands & Andrew George
      => Organization: National Forest Protection Alliance

      April 22 Call in Day and Action Items for Earth Day

      Earth Day of Action: Protest against Bush Administration
      attempts to put timber industry profits ahead of forest
      protection and public input

      On April 22, 2003, join with thousands on Earthday as we unite
      to defend our public forests and urge our decision makers to act
      to stop the Bush Administration's efforts to gut environmental
      protections, exclude citizens from decisions affecting public
      lands, and hand over our public lands to logging companies.

      Call in Day: On April 22 please make a simple toll-free call
      to Congress to oppose efforts by the Bush Administration to gut
      critical environmental protections in order to turn our public
      forests over to logging companies. Tell Congress to keep public
      lands in public hands! Call the Congressional switchboard
      toll-free at 1-800/262-8333 (pin:0865). You will be asked the
      name of your Representative or Senators and transferred to the
      office. Ask your Representative and Senators to:

      Oppose the Bush Administration's Healthy Forest Initiative and
      other efforts to gut Forest Protection Laws. The Bush
      Administration continues to claim that its Healthy Forests
      Initiative (HFI) will make our public lands more "healthy" or
      will help protect communities from wildfires. However, the HFI
      is nothing more than a green-washing campaign designed to give
      logging companies and other extractive industries free reign
      over public lands at the expense of true restoration, community
      protection and public participation. A sample of the Bush
      Administration anti-forest initiatives include:

      � Allowing logging of up to 250 acres without environmental
      review or public involvement. Incredibly, the Bush
      administration claims that cutting down trees over an area the
      size of 83 football fields has no impact on the environment!

      � Increasing logging of ancient, old-growth forests while
      reducing protections for salmon and ancient forest dependent
      species such as the Northern Spotted Owl by gutting critical
      protections in the Northwest Forest Plan.

      � Reducing protections for threatened and endangered species
      when conducting "fuel reduction" logging projects.

      � Blocking the implementation of the Roadless Area Conservation

      � Eliminating critical wildlife and forest protections and
      public participation in forest-wide planning by making the
      National Forest Management Act (NFMA) regulations non-binding
      and voluntary.

      � Exempting hazardous fuel reduction projects - including large
      logging projects that could target ancient forests or roadless
      areas - from environmental analysis and public review.
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