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Stewart Brand & the global business network & org. development

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  • Colin Leath
    http://www.gbn.org/public/gbnstory/articles/ex_consequential.htm I ve been putting together a page of things I ll be working on and things I ve valued knowing
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2003
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      I've been putting together a page of things I'll be working on and things
      I've valued knowing about (at http://j9k.org)-

      And as part of that I was reading up on Stuart Brand- a guy whose done a
      lot of cool things (I believe he was the inventor of the game earthball
      http://solutions.synearth.net/2002/07/31 (scroll down) ).

      One of his projects has been http://www.gbn.org/
      The link at the top is to a discussion of how Shell oil used a
      scenario-based approach in planning for the future.

      There is a lot of interesting stuff that goes on in the Organizational
      Development part of business-- some people consider it a lot of fluff-
      but in some cases, as perhaps with gbn, there is a group of smart and
      influential people who are affecting what the leaders of the largest
      businesses and organizations are doing and thinking.

      I definitely am prone to ignoring the rest of the world while I go off to
      build my carfree ecovillage, but if you're not like me, (and maybe I'm not
      like that), perhaps we can learn something from these people.

      Olgivy's _living without a goal_ also seems interesting-


      are other examples (in different ways) related to what is happening at

      As the various lists I'm posting to:
      ishmael-dc (hello! I've moved to dc)

      Are all either individuals who work within / are developing organizations
      themselves, or who are concerned with large-scale change, perhaps some of
      this stuff can be useful/inspiring to you?

      If you do find new (and good) examples of this kind of possibly helpful
      mental software please cc me or OurCultureOurCapitol@yahoogroups.com

      I've only just started exploring gbn, and am not sure what more I'll do
      with it.

      If you can point me to something better or can debunk some of this, do
      that too- (I'm looking for / trying to create a community of peers/ mutual
      teachers, who have similar questions -- something like that)

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