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Re: [carfree_cities] Fwd: War, Oil, Cars & Cities. An Evening with EcoCity Visionary Richard Register

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  • phillip m. torrone
    rats- i ll be in town next week, i d really like to have seen this. one thing i d like to throw out there is this... solutions, we need people to have more
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2003
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      i'll be in town next week, i'd really like to have seen this.

      one thing i'd like to "throw out there" is this...

      solutions, we need people to have more non-car transportation choices short
      and long term. these need to be encouraged. yes, some of these things have
      some risks, but no matter what-- all the risks are than cars in more ways
      than worth getting in to here. nevs (neighborhood electric vehicles) segway
      hts, ride sharing, etc...there are so many factions and sects in our
      communities that say what people should do, and what the problems are...but
      actionable solutions and revisiting our laws / taxes to make it easier and
      more encouraged to have more non-car choices would be great. i think now
      might be a good time for many of the groups out there to start working
      together as opposed to against each other at times...


      Robert J. Matter wrote:
      > Live webcast http://www.TOtv.ca today at 5pm Central Time. -Bob
      > -------- Original Message --------
      > Subject: War, Oil, Cars & Cities. An Evening with EcoCity
      > VisionaryRichard Register Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 06:58:08 -0500
      > From: tooker gomberg <greenspi@...>
      > To: Recipient List Suppressed: ;
      > ******************************************
      > War, Oil, Cars & Cities
      > Join us for an evening with
      > EcoCity Visionary Richard Register
      > ******************************************
      > Monday, Mar. 31, 2003
      > 6 pm Vegetarian Meal (RSVP to: 558-2453)
      > 7:30 pm Slide Presentation
      > Discussion to Follow.
      > Join us live at Toronto City Hall
      > 100 Queen St. W
      > or live on TOtv at: http://www.TOtv.ca
      > PWYC: Pay what you can.
      > Everybody knows this attack
      > On Iraq
      > Is about oil.
      > Oil for our cars.
      > Oil for our cities.
      > Oil for the oily-gopolies.
      > Oil for profit.
      > Its toxic byproducts spew out
      > of hundreds of millions of tailpipes.
      > Our cities choke from pavement made from it.
      > What would a different city look like?
      > Smell like? Sound like?
      > Join us for an evening with Richard Register, EcoCity Visionary who:
      > * guerilla planted fruit trees in his hometown of Berkeley, California
      > * he invented the veggie car: a sawed off automobile retrofitted with
      > a vegetable garden and "parked" on the streets
      > * spearhead the uncovering and "daylighting" of creeks long buried
      > under Berkeley
      > * depaved a parking lot
      > Cities can be car free, beautiful and ecological.
      > Tickle your imagination. Join us.
      > This event will be broadcast live on TOtv.
      > Check it out at:
      > http://www.TOtv.ca
      > To view the broadcast you should have Quicktime 6 installed, and
      > ideally a high speed internet connection. Problems? Call our tech
      > hotline at:
      > 416-558-2453
      > NOTE: This broadcast will take place from Toronto, Canada, and will
      > begin at 6 pm eastern standard time.
      > -tooker
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