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Research position in Delft

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Hi All, The following announcement of a research position at the technical university in Delft, NL was recently sent to me. I hope it can be filled by one
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2002
      Hi All,

      The following announcement of a research position at the technical
      university in Delft, NL was recently sent to me. I hope it can be
      filled by one among our number.

      The position is advertised in English, which suggests that the
      university will obtain a work visa for foreign applicants, so
      it is a possible means for non-EU citizens to move to Europe.



      Urban design on the march
      The Faculty of Architecture Section of the Delft University of Technology
      (TU Delft) seeks a full-time PhD Researcher. On the premise that urban
      design is a practical science, the objective of the research is to provide a
      mathematical foundation for existing spatial organizational principles and
      theoretical urban and regional models, and to revise these or construct new
      ones where necessary.The practical implications these principles and models
      may have in the light of social wants and needs are also of relevance.

      You have a master’s degree in applied physics or math
      or the equivalent, and an abiding interest in urban
      and regional design.You possess an inquisitive mind
      and are inherently methodical. During the initial
      phase of the research, you will be responsible for compiling any infor-mation
      that is lacking in either mathematics or urban design. Another
      essential aspect of the position will be your ability to familiarize yourself
      with the research approach employed by Mathematics Professor Salingaros,
      who will act as co-supervisor, Professor Drewe, and Ms. Klaasen.

      Developing scientific knowledge
      Up until now, scientifically grounded substantive knowledge in the area
      of urban design has been inadequately available. Urban design has
      traditionally been overshadowed by a closely related discipline – spe-cifically,
      architecture. As a consequence, urban design has barely received
      any consideration as an independent field of science. Another contri-buting
      factor to the pre-scientific status of urban design is its intrinsic
      complexity. Professor Salingaros, of the University of Texas at San
      Antonio, has taken one initiative towards developing a scientific body
      of knowledge for urban design. His publications are available online at:

      For information,please contact Ms. I.T. Klaasen, phone:
      +31 15 278 40 42, E-mail: i.t.klaasen@....
      For procedural details, contact Ms. M.Karsdorp, phone:
      + 31 15 278 33 61, E-mail: m.karsdorp@....
      To apply
      Please send application and CV,
      stating Vacancy No. BK2002/06, to
      Ms. M. Karsdorp, The Faculty of
      Architecture Section, Personnel &
      Organization Dept., Delft University
      of Technology, Berlageweg 1, 2628
      CR Delft, The Netherlands.
      PhD Researcher

      -- ### --

      J.H. Crawford Carfree Cities
      mailbox@... Carfree.com
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