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Re: Transit Nerds Making Themselves Heard

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  • paulparma
    ... And check out http://home1.gte.net/res08ep4/pops.htm and http://home1.gte.net/res08ep4/criteria.htm Their success is why I think geekiness can help. Just
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      --- In carfree_cities@y..., rickrise@e... wrote:
      > From: Richard

      > The complete article can be viewed at:
      > http://www.latimes.com/la-me-nerds12nov12,0,6484104.story

      And check out




      Their success is why I think geekiness can help. Just saying the
      walking transit/density perpetuates is good for your physical, mental
      and social health, and it lowers pollution inputs (levels if you must
      so indirect) isn't enough, especially with G.W. going so strong here
      in the USA. Don't get me wrong, these things motiivate me to commit
      my life to getting carfee options a reality here in the US, but we
      must make progress, and I think real, non-reatorical data like in the
      above links can show we aren't spin-doctors, but discerning, skeptical
      folks who are just as reluctant to see money wasted (possibly by the
      ever pressing liberals, or what ever bogie man you or I or more
      important the masses especially now percieves in the shadows).

      Not that I'm a transit hound, I'm a carfree dude, but that leads me to
      xportation; that's city planning. Note the 2D density maps the geeks
      present. I know its just preaching to the choir here, but NOTE THEY
      much European history at my bed side lately.) They say density is
      good for light rail. Officials say, "density good!" We say, "Yes, we
      agree. More density better, ugh!" Let's get geeky (and still go
      after the TV stuff, and grass roots eduacation via the Samrt Growth
      inititive, etc.). Let's just not do the feel good thing only though.
      It won't work and it's not responsible. Well, I think anyway.

      I had to delay my transportation modeling tutorial because of a
      pending GRE exam which I did fine on, for entrance to a Community and
      Regional Planning graduate program her in Austin and the recession and
      dot com bust here has made job hunting even more ernest than a man
      with a non-working wife and three kids and a mortgage usually
      experiences. But I'll start again, especially since my simple steady
      state method, which for all I know is the same solution the texts use,
      is damn easy to follow. You can figure steaady state loading for any
      topology given the desity pools for each stop, I've figure out the
      most useful but have to finish the graphics and justification. So now
      thaat I see some success for the geek factor that I had at
      leaaast hypothisized in deciding to attempt the tutorial and make it
      for several different audiences. Maybe geeks can help! It would be
      nice. Come on geeks!

      Note that I worked in geekdom for severral years, and these are guys
      and gals who can be impressed bby charts, however, have tricked
      theirsselves into not looking for the daata, because of a learned and
      understandable fear of the boondoggle. They are yet reactive and
      blind due to this fear. If we can win them over, we would have the
      engineers on our side, which we presently do not have.

      BTW, I don;t know if this has been said recently on this group but I
      am getting the feeling that all my discussion of carfree ideas I put
      out there in my daily life, at the SLIGHTEST opportunity, is helping
      bring carfree, density etc. into the lexicon of a few folks anyway.
      WEll I don't KNOW that it helps, but I don't know that it doesn't.
      You know, the question regatrding this is how many degress of
      seperation is there between the entire decision making population.

      Sorry for the rambling, but I'm staarting to see some day light here,
      we just need to keep swinging those pick axes and better choose what
      we swing at.
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