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RE: [carfree_cities] Addition to City Design site

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  • Patrick McDonough
    Don t go to GIFs for photos. They have a 256-color limit and will look terrible. I have a dial-up connection and while they re not incredibly fast, I find
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 5, 2002
      Don't go to GIFs for photos. They have a 256-color limit and will look
      terrible. I have a dial-up connection and while they're not incredibly
      fast, I find them worth the wait. If you can do the batch-process thing and
      don't mind doing a high bandwidth/low bandwidth site, that's always an

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      > J.H. Crawford wrote:
      > >
      > > Question: Do these JPGs take too long to download for most
      > > of you? They average 104 kB, with the range being about
      > > 35 kB to 189 kB. (It's interesting how much variation there
      > > is--they are all the same size and compressed at Level 6.)
      > >
      > I just got DSL, so the download is no problem. Level 6 is the lowest
      > I'd consider for pictures such as yours--I NEVER go below 4, even for
      > banner graphics; it's just too ugly. Sometimes GIFs will be smaller and
      > still look decent; you might experiment. GIFs won't work where there
      > are smooth tonal transitions, though, at least not much of the time.
      > If you have large areas of single color--blue sky, blank wall, for
      > example--the picture will be smaller even though processed the same as a
      > more complex image.
      > Instead of text for "Next" and "Previous," I'd suggest little pointing
      > triangles at the lower corners of the pictures. Intuitive, and they
      > don't vanish below the fold as the text does on most screens.
      > Good pix. Loved the curving stair-street in Perugia!
      > Rick
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