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Re: Grants from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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  • paulparma
    ... Joel, what if you go after $200K for a Documentary? Then a seperate $200K for a 3D simulation? Both using grad students, etc., (Hey, spielberg was a hungry
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 2, 2002
      --- In carfree_cities@y..., "J.H. Crawford" <mailbox@c...> wrote:
      > Erik Rauch posted the RJW piece.
      > It's good to see these grants being made, but they seem to be
      > for small, on-the-ground projects, so I don't know if they'd
      > even entertain a proposal from us. They don't even have a link
      > to Carfree.com, despite having hundreds of other links.
      Joel, what if you go after $200K for a Documentary?

      Then a seperate $200K for a 3D simulation?

      Both using grad students, etc., (Hey, spielberg was a hungry grad
      student once.....) and activist volunteers (as upon request advisors
      and gophers to keep the #$%@ out of the way), make your self
      co-executive producer along with someone who understands the costs,
      and general how tos of making movies for the documentary.

      the Simulation could be spliced into the movie...

      Austin is a Movie Center want to be place. All the the PC downturn,
      DotCom bust and general slowdown has hit us harder than other US
      cities, so alot of us are hungry; maybe it could be done for the
      $200K per. The University of Texas Community and Regional Planning
      department might be interested but may not hav ethe computer and
      personel resources to a Simulation. HOWEVER, the
      Mechanical Engineering department here (and at Texas A&M near by, by
      Texas standards)is strongly tied to some guys who do such simulations
      for |Light Rail promotions and of all things, Traffic accident
      Simulations for court cases... The new Mueller Airport Redevelopment
      targeted for mixed-use relative density (uses a new urbanism
      zoning)already has a Movie Studio facility (I think Linkleter [sp?] is
      there now, among others).

      I'll ask around in Austin about whether something could be done for
      $200K on each item, but I'm not sure what you had in mind. If you
      would consider it and you don't have grant requester writers
      available, I'll ask a particular professional here who unfortunately
      let someone else try to get her if needed. If you are from Sierra or
      the ACLU she'll work for you for sure.

      Side subject: Man, we HAVE TO get Sierra Club into educating its
      members. The leadership changed their view in the mid to late 90's.
      BUt most of the rank and file environmentalist and most American's
      don't get the idea of less space taken by non-farmers is more for the
      critters and farms or the simple rules of synergistic users that make
      spaces positive or just and only for use by transients and vehicles,

      Anecdote; 'Was spontaneously riding along with another cycler as we
      passed an old cemetary that happened to be on a route that was ideal I
      think for a light rail (low gradient, right spacing from other
      potential routes, etc...) if density was increased along it. I
      meantioned, that I loved that cemetary (I love cemetaries; In the Us
      its about the only place other than Mountains, etc. that you get that
      sense of perspective that old things give you. You're gonna die, as
      generation upon generation have died.), however I thought however
      unlikely that it happened, I would like to see it become a mixed-use
      development along side a futer tram line. He said, "That's all we
      need are somne high rises there. You know there are a couple of foxes
      that live there?" He was an environmentalist and propbly well eduacted
      by that community, but not on urban density choices and their effects.
      A proper three to five story development would free up environment
      outside of town for thirty ofr more foxes, maybe even alow the foxes
      to stay inside the city as well. (The question of getting rid of
      cemetaries is of course arguable, I just think cemetaries are not a
      responsible use of resourses and are symtamatic of a lack of long
      sightedness. Venice's Cemetary Island of San Michele only lets a body
      be marked at a grave for 12 years then it marks another).

      Paul Parma
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