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final judgement in germany / Link-Tip: carfree island in italy

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  • autofrei wohnen
    Hi All, 1. final judgement for carfree living in Germany: There is a judgement of OVG Muenster (highest court of state North-Rhine-Westfalia /Germany) with
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2002
      Hi All,

      final judgement for carfree living in Germany:

      There is a judgement of "OVG Muenster" (highest court of state
      "North-Rhine-Westfalia"/Germany) with final importance for carfree living in
      It`s a very positive confirmation for all our attempts and initiatives,
      because the laywers refused with very good arguments the very
      popular/conservative neighbour-fears like "the carfree inhabitants of a new
      carfree quarter will all have a private car and park it outside in our
      neighborhood". I think this judgement may be a big help for you all outside
      germany too, because of the arguments, partially they can be generally used.
      A short summary (german only) you find here in the site of the green party in
      www.gruene.landtag.nrw.de/publik/newsletter/0208-Infrastruktur.htm (it`s the
      last report on the site, titled "OVG Münster zu Autofreies Wohnen: Auf ganzer
      Linie bestätigt". Copy it and try to translate with
      http://babelfish.altavista.com, my english is too bad, sorry)
      For questions about this judgement please contact/ask for Green-Party expert
      for carfree development Mr. Martin Toennes, you will find him over the contact
      of the green website
      (gruene@...). (He made a big research about potential new carfree
      places in Berlin in the beginning of the `90s.)
      Or maybe Mr. James Kushner is a help for you: He is professor of law
      specializing in urban planning and carfree-expert, at Southwestern University
      School of Law, Los Angeles, California:
      www.swlaw.edu. He visited our planned carfree project in Berlin and others in
      Europe this summer.

      link-tip: carfree island in italy:

      look at this wonderful website about a nearly carfree island "Filicudi" near
      Napoli/Italy, I got this link today:
      http://www.rolandzoss.com/en/ferieninsel/tferieninsel.htm (english version)
      http://www.rolandzoss.com/ferieninsel/tferieninsel.htm (deutsche Version)
      it`s part of a group of islands (Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli,
      Vulcano), and "Alicudi" is absolutly carfree.

      more of carfree-holiday-locations, cities with big pedestrian areas and carfree
      projects & initiatives in Europe & world wide, see my lists in
      www.autofrei-wohnen.de/Proj/Projekte-Urlaub.html (oversight/start, german pages
      with some english links)

      Markus Heller, Berlin
      working group "Carfree Quarter At The Panke", Berlin/Germany

      P.S.: J.H. Crawford, your page is great, and your engagement is a big support !!
      Thanks for all.
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