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New Colonist August Issue

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  • Richard Risemberg
    The August issue of The New Colonist is online now at http://www.newcolonist.com. This month we have Our Neighborhood, an exclusive feature from Russell
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      The August issue of The New Colonist is online now at
      http://www.newcolonist.com This month we have "Our Neighborhood," an
      exclusive feature from Russell Turpin explaining what it is that makes his
      neighborhood so livable, and what you can look for in a city when you are
      trying to find a good place to live.

      We also hear from Mark Miller about his mysterious frind Max, who glides
      discreetly around LA recording and quantifying the behavior of some the
      world's most self-centered drivers in "LA by the Numbers," as well as Jerry
      Fausts paean to "The Downtown Lunch Hour Protest" and editor Eric Miller's
      examination of the various proposals to replace the WTC Twin Towers in "New
      York's Search for Greatness."

      And of course, all our editorials, cartoons, and other regular features
      (except for Citysongs, on vacation for August). All at The New Colonist,
    • Louis-Luc
      Hello everyone, I ve been silent for the past weeks, because I ve gone on a vacation trip to the Eastern USA states, mainly to beach places. Let me relate you
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        Hello everyone,
        I've been silent for the past weeks, because I've gone on a vacation trip to
        the Eastern USA states, mainly to beach places. Let me relate you some
        interesting anecdotes.

        I went there with 2 friends, by car. I admit it was the easiest way to go
        with them, because they rely on the car. For highways, it's OK, through
        Quebec, then ME, NY and NH. When getting to NY and NJ, tolls are frequent,
        asking from 35cents to as much as $6.

        We arrived in Wildwood, NJ. Nice beach. We found a hotel directly connected
        to the beach; meaning on a street that ends on the beach stairway. I'm glad
        to find many other hotels can also provide a carfree access to the beach.
        There is a nice boardwalk around 25 minutes away from my hotel. There are
        all kinds of attractions. The only thing is a 2-way electric train system
        that runs *through* the boardwalk, that constantly has to slow down and a
        computer voice says "Watch the train car please!". So this train is
        constantly in conflict with pedestrian traffic. A suggestion would be to cut
        car lanes from the street to the north, run the train there, and have signs
        on each boardwalk entrance inviting people to walk north to take a ride.
        Anyways, I much prefer a train like it is now, than motor cars. My friends
        chose to walk 25 minutes instead of driving, because parking costs a bundle.
        They got tired quicker though, and we had to head back home. We walked
        through the streets, but it's even better to get from hotel to boardwalk by
        the beach (carfree walk all the way through).

        Then we drove back north, passing through CT state on I-95. The only things
        at halts were McDonald's and Mobil gas stations. We ended up in Wells, ME,
        in a motel located at 15 minutes by car from Ogunquit beach. So we drove to
        the beach many times. Ogunquit is nice near the beach, and pedestrians are
        king. Parking is expensive though. There is a hotel located on the beach. I
        don't know why the call it a "Motor Inn" since we go there mainly for the
        direct access to the beach. So it's also possible to plan a carfree vacation
        in Ogunquit. Last Saturday, we drove to the beach to find out there is no
        parking available. We were all three next to the beach, but the problem was
        entirely to find where to leave the car. Maybe there was parking farther,
        but my friend didn't feel like trying to find one, because it was too far on
        foot afterwards, so I asked if they mind leaving me at the beach, and come
        back a few hours later to park the car and join me for the rest of the day.

        Finally, we stopped at a McDonald's on the way back to Montreal. He was
        surprised this one didn't have a "drive through" ordering facility. I
        suggested we walk in to order.

        My $US .02

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