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Way to Go "One-Less-Car" third round launched

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  • Mark Watson
    This good City of Seattle program continues to produce great results! www.cityofseattle.net/waytogo - Mark - - - - - begin press release - - - - For Immediate
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2002
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      This good City of Seattle program continues to produce great results! www.cityofseattle.net/waytogo - Mark

      - - - - - begin press release - - - -

      For Immediate Release: July 2, 2002

      Contact: Liz Rankin, SDOT Communications Office, 206-684-8540
      Jemae Hoffman, SDOT Mobility Manager, 206-684-8674

      Seattle's One of a Kind Way to Go "One-Less-Car"
      Study Kicks Off Its (3rd &) Final Round
      Applications Accepted Through July 31st, 2002

      Seattle families have an opportunity to discover if they can live with "one-less-car" and have the mobility they need while saving an average of $85 per week at the same time. Households that participate in the City of Seattle's Way to Go "One-Less-Car" Demonstration Study will simulate the real life conditions and financial benefits of eliminating the use of one car for a period of nine weeks this fall. In exchange for keeping detailed daily travel diaries, participants will receive a participation stipend during the study period comparable to savings they would realize if they actually owned "one-less-car."

      The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is currently accepting applications for the final round of the Way to Go "One-Less-Car" Demonstration Study that will take place between September 3 and November 24. Approximately 40 households may participate in this round of the study.

      "The goal of the study is to demonstrate ways to ease neighborhood traffic and reduce automobile-caused air pollution. By making smart transportation choices - that include utilizing the full range of transportation modes available, Seattle families can not only save an average of over $4,000 per year ($85 per week), but also improve neighborhood livability and the environment," said Jemae Hoffman, SDOT's Mobility Manager. "If every household in Seattle did what the 23 participants in the previous study round did, nearly 16 million miles of automobile traffic would be kept out of our neighborhoods, and 7160 tons of carbon dioxide and 357 tons of other pollutants would be kept our of our air each week. While not every family can get by with one-less-car, we want to encourage people to think about their transportation choices and costs."

      The Way to Go "One-Less-Car" Demonstration Study requires a commitment that participating families will not drive one of their cars for nine weeks, and that each driving member of the household will keep a daily diary of their travel behavior, including costs, and when and why they took a bus or taxi, used Flexcar, biked, walked, and rode with a neighbor. Participants will also keep qualitative comments in their diary, such as how they consolidated trips, and when and why the transportation mode they chose either worked well or was too inconvenient. The data collected will help the City understand how Seattlites make transportation choices, and will be used in crafting a future public education campaign. Results of the studies will also be shared with over 20 municipalities throughout the country which have expressed interest in starting their own Way to Go project.

      Families and individuals interested in applying to be included in the study should call 206.615.1550 to receive an application, or apply online by visiting the project website at www.cityofseattle.net/waytogo. Applications will be accepted through July 31st, 2002.

      'On most days life is not only possible without a car, life begins to happen when you leave the car at home.' - Eric Miller

      Mark Watson
      Carfree Seattle
      Website - http://carfree_seattle.tripod.com
      Email list - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/carfree_seattle


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