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Refuting Wendell Cox

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    This week Planetizen is running an Op-Ed by Wendell Cox trumpeting the trouble with Smart Growth s Nirvana: Portland, Oregon. It s filled with his usual
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2002
      This week Planetizen is running an Op-Ed by Wendell Cox trumpeting
      the trouble with Smart Growth's Nirvana: Portland, Oregon. It's
      filled with his usual criticisms of Metro's policies regarding mass
      transit and density. Of course he backs this all up with his
      own interpretation of U.S. Census data which he happy provides at his
      websites www.demographia.com and www.publicpurpose.com

      You can read it here:

      As we all know, statistics can(and readily are) manipulated for
      political gain, so its easy to suspect Mr. Cox's interpretation is
      somewhat subject, especially considering his connections to partisan
      libertarian groups that under the guise of choice act as lobbyists
      for the various pro-sprawl industries.

      Nevertheless, as skewed as his statistical interpretation might be,
      it must be refuted if we are to dismiss his claims as just being more
      of the typical anti-smart growth rhetoric.

      Patrick McDonough, a Planetizen reader, does that in spades. You can
      read his comments regarding Mr. Cox's claims here:

      Of interest to this forum are the articles that Mr. McDonough refers
      to on the American Public Transportation Website(
      http://www.apta.com/info/online/ ) that refute the myths surrounding
      mass transit implementation.

      One in particular stands out and is well worth reading to understand
      the mentality of the anti-transit mindset in the U.S.

      A Liberal and A Conservative Discuss How to Respond to Anti-Transit
      Rhetoric(Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view):
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