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Runway to Sprawl

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  • Rob Foley
    This article, from the Michigan Land Use Initiative attempts to correlate airports with sprawl.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2002
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      This article, from the "Michigan Land Use Initiative" attempts to correlate airports with sprawl.


      "Some $750 billion in taxpayer funds has advanced the auto-air age since the airports set off on a building binge a decade ago. The result is ever- more congested roads, and airports and airlines relieved of gridlock only by the downslide of the economy and the disaster of September 11.
      In contrast, a scant one-thirtieth of that sum has gone to Amtrak. Similarly, the annual $38 billion to roads has drained light and heavy rail lines, weakening the energy-efficient, cost-effective, car-free service essential to reinforce cities, unclog roads, and stop sprawl."


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