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Re: Chroming the yard

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    ... I suspect that Dr. Stilgoe s comments were taken out of context, as what he s saying here doesn t make that much sense. I m quite fond of his work, as
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 17, 2002
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      --- In carfree_cities@y..., Jym Dyer <jym@e...> wrote:
      > | The desire to vanquish nature is a longstanding aspect of
      > | the American character, said John Stilgoe, a professor of
      > | environmental studies at the Harvard Design School. "People
      > | don't control anything else in their environment," he said of
      > | renegade concreters. "So they asphalt their property."
      > =v= This is highfalutin babble. Actually the front yards being
      > destroyed here are generally Victorian-style gardens, which are
      > very controlled spaces.

      I suspect that Dr. Stilgoe's comments were taken out of context, as
      what he's saying here doesn't make that much sense. I'm quite fond
      of his work, as he's written several books about the history of the
      evolution of the American landscape. Of particular interest to this
      group is 'Metropolitan Corridor' which covers the history of the
      transit oriented landscape that developed alongside rail right of
      ways and trolley lines from 1880 - 1935.

      I highly recommend it.

      -Matt Lyons


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