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sedentary death syndrome

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  • T. J. Binkley
    Excerpts: America s alarming girth growth, say Blair and numerous other health experts, is directly related to physical activity being engineered out of daily
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 25, 2002

      America's alarming girth growth, say Blair and numerous other health
      experts, is directly related to "physical activity being engineered out of
      daily life." ... Although numerous studies have demonstrated that lifestyle
      activities, such as climbing stairs and parking in the farthest space, can
      provide health benefits similar to those gained in a gym workout, Blair
      says our society has created a "toxic environment" that discourages
      movement. Streets are often too dangerous for pedestrians to cross,
      stairwells are frequently hidden, and parks in some areas are unsafe.

      Foreyt and Blair are among a growing number of health experts calling for
      public health initiatives to help Americans meet the U.S. surgeon general's
      recommendation to accumulate 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days.
      "Restoring physical activity into our daily routine represents a critical
      goal," says pediatrician William Dietz, director of the division of
      nutrition and physical activity at the federal Centers for Disease Control
      and Prevention in Atlanta. "This may involve changes as mundane as
      improving the location and appearance of stairwells or as complex as the
      redesign of communities."

      "Physical inactivity costs America more than $150 billion a year," says
      Frank Booth, a physiologist at the University of Missouri, Columbia, and
      executive director of Researchers Against Inactivity-Related Disorders
      (www.ridinactivity.org), a 2-year-old group of more than 300 health
      scientists and educators from around the country who have "declared war on
      sedentary lifestyles."

      Booth has coined the term "sedentary death syndrome," or SeDS, to help
      people recognize that a major cause of death in the U.S. is sedentary
      living. He plans to travel to Capitol Hill this spring to lobby for
      legislation and funding to help activate sedentary Americans.

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