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Re: [carfree_cities] Welcome and I'm looking for somebody from Amsterdam.

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  • Doug Salzmann
    In a message sent Yesterday, Sebastian wrote: - I m new in our group. Hello, Sebastian. Welcome to the forum! - I m from Poland, the country that wants to
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 9, 2002
      In a message sent Yesterday, Sebastian wrote:

      -> I'm new in our group.

      Hello, Sebastian. Welcome to the forum!

      -> I'm from Poland, the country that wants to
      -> reach the level of automobile use comparative to that in western
      -> countries in spite of lack of appropriate road network and quite
      -> often of lack of money. People don't have enough money to buy a car
      -> so they buy very old and sometimes dangerous for them and other or
      -> they buy it on credit paying for this for a long, long time.

      The autocentric lifestyle is, indeed, expensive, just as it is unworkable
      and destructive.

      It's quite common for people of moderate means in the United States to
      spend 20% or more of their income on auto-related expenditures. Cars are
      a bad bargain for people who live in cities.

      -> They think that the car gives them a freedom while it is quite
      -> opposite because the don't have a time to rest and go for a vacation
      -> because they have to work longer to repay the credit and they don't
      -> have money to go somewhere. Isn't that crazy?

      It is crazy. It's encouraging to know that Poland has people like you
      who can see that and can help fellow citizens see it, too.

      -> The situation in cities and on inter-city roads is now terrible but
      -> the forecast for the next several years is even worse. The number of
      -> cars is to double.

      If our experience in the west is a guide (we think it is), it just keeps
      getting worse and *never* gets better, at least until we make new choices.

      -> Do we have to (I mean the nations) repeat somebody's mistakes instead
      -> of jumping over them ahead?

      I think one of the most important goals of the carfree movement is to help
      nations that haven't already destroyed their urban environments with
      automobile slums to avoid doing so. You can and should be wiser than we
      have been. After all, you can see what a mess we have made.

      -> I'd like to meet somebody from Amsterdam to find out how they managed
      -> to persuade people of living the cars and accepting such a solution
      -> as park-and-ride.

      I expect comments from Amsterdam will be forthcoming shortly.

      Welcome to the discussion.

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