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  • Vincent Hedger
    Press release/project update/invitation, request for participation. Feb. 6, 2002 To: news media, interested activists, partners, potential
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      Press release/project update/invitation, request for participation.

      Feb. 6, 2002
      To: news media, interested activists, partners, potential
      partners/partner/consultation groups

      The following information has been forwarded to various governmental offices
      and agencies concerned with various development and taxation issues. The
      next meeting scehduled to meet and discuss these proposals is February 13th,
      at 4PM, York city Hall.

      All interested parties are hearby notified. If you have not received a
      complete package, more information can be found at http://www.hburgsc.org
      Questions concerning any of the projects outlined in the enclosed briefs and
      proposals may be addressed to:

      Vincent Hedger or Dave Kerns
      phone:1-717-846-9509 (Do not leave message)

      Brief notes on long term taxation issues

      Dear Mayor Brenner and staff,

      I am forwarding this package in anticipation of our meeting, scheduled for
      Feb 12, 2002 at 10AM.
      As you may imagine, I am still very much intent on helping the city of York
      gain a true understanding of the benefits which are outlined in the
      projects, programs, and initiatives herein. Although you once mentioned that
      perhaps I was ahead of my time for advocating such ideas, the fact that they
      are proving successful around the world indicates that more likely, York is
      in need of catching up with the times.

      This is nothing to be ashamed of. The implications of globalization are
      far-reaching and are taking many individuals, communities, and nations by

      This is why we must take steps to avail ourselves of the most up-to-date
      ideas available for addressing the persistent issues of social inequity,
      waste of human resources, environmental degradation, and economic
      stagnation. As Albert Einstein said, �You can�t solve today�s problems with
      yesterday�s thinking.� The projects outlined in the enclosed packet
      represent the cutting edge of today�s thinking.

      I remain committed to assist in any way useful to help you, and the citizens
      of York, make full use of these new ideas.

      Most sincerely yours,

      Vincent R. Hedger

      PS: I would most gratefully appreciate the return of the journal, �THis ONe
      after our meeting, as it is an archive copy.

      Feb. 6, 2002
      An open letter to John Brenner, York leaders, the media, and citizens,
      For the past seven months, I've been making the rounds of many of
      York's civic, governmental, business, and spiritual institutions, in order
      to raise support for a series of community partnership projects designed to
      introduce 21st century, socio-entrepreneurial concepts and schematics to the
      people of York. These projects are part of what some refer to as the
      Harrisonburg school's York Community Redevelopment Initiative, a project
      developed through the school�s Library Project initiative. It is on behalf
      of these projects that I�ve been working. Many of you will recall having met
      with me and having discussed various community development ideas with me
      over these months, and it is likely that I�ve mentioned the school and my
      involvement in its projects during these meetings.
      Recent issues concerning the city's tax base and city financing, as
      well as that of several proposed and ongoing construction/renovation
      projects (along with broader ethical and economic questions that the past
      months' events have brought into high relief), provokes the more formal
      articulation of a few suggestions from some of those involved with this
      project, pertaining to York's potential for thinking globally, and acting
      locally in order to address the socio-economic issues that affect all of us.
      To cut to the chase, we wish to suggest an alternative plan for renovating
      the 17 properties in the Fairmount neighborhood. We also wish to amplify
      some ideas for dealing with city tax problem. All of these ideas are founded
      upon principles outlined in the school�s various documents which address the
      principles of the Global Budget Ethic, and its practical ramifications for
      the city of York.

      Regarding the 17 parcels (Fairmont)
      To start, we wish to make it known that our proposal is based on not
      yet having had the opportunity to look carefully at existing plans and
      financing for this project. Thus, we might be off on some estimates. At the
      same time, we also wish to state that we are fairly experienced with regard
      to estimating the resource cost of a project, given the method of renovation
      with which we are most comfortable and familiar. In short, despite not yet
      having reviewed existing numbers, we are confident that our estimates are
      We also wish to state that this proposal in no way reflects upon our
      confidence in the present developers to carry out their plan as published in
      the York Dispatch's article (Wed, Jan 30, 2002 "Fairer times for
      Fairmount"). As stated in the news article, the current developers are
      familiar with an established form of redevelopment, and, due to the relative
      newness of the alternative redevelopment schematic with which we work, they
      may be completely unfamiliar with it.

      At the same time, we realize that they may have expertise in areas
      where we may be lacking. It is with the intention of availing ourselves of
      as much expertise as possible that we invite any developers who are
      interested in this project to work with us in a collaborative effort. Given
      this wide range of expertise, and our development schematic, we are
      confidence that the citizens of York will be happy with what results.
      Our alternative plan is to work with the community of York, using the
      communitarian redevelopment model (and the resources outlined in previous
      proposals submitted to the city of York and the YMCA) to renovate the 17
      properties, thus greatly reducing the cost to the federal government and the
      city government. These properties, if renovated cooperatively through a
      consortium of civic groups, and using the principles of the 100% recycling
      paradigm in all phases of the construction, can serve as a local civics
      project while they are being renovated through a cooperative effort of local
      citizens and civic groups, the city government, the colleges, and other
      interested groups. After renovation work is complete, they will serve as
      another sort of "living laboratory" that will help York better learn about
      and experience the cooperative/communitarian development model. The
      properties can also be renovated without asking for any more money. In all
      likelihood, the houses can be restored to usefulness for less than $5,000
      each (cost to the city/state/federal government). This will free up
      somewhere in the neighborhood of 5.15 million dollars of city, state, and
      federal funds, which can then be used for education, health services, and
      other programs, including yet more affordable housing/business development
      projects. There remains the issue of compensation to the current developers
      for the purchase price of the properties. Unless they choose to donate these
      properties to the city, there will be additional cost to compensate for this
      investment. Most certainly, this cost could easily be paid out of the funds
      already allocated by the city council (1.05 million dollars). The remaining
      funds would be far in excess of what would be needed to complete the
      renovation, again, given our redevelopment model.
      Instead of converting this space to apartments, the York Cooperative
      Community Redevelopment Initiative would renovate the space so that it could
      be used as a cooperative living and working environment, similar in concept
      to the Ganas intentional living community on New York City's Staten Island.
      For somewhat more detailed information, please refer to the Harrisonburg
      school "SPace PRoject" briefs

      (attachment) for an expanded description of how this project would be
      configured. Information concerning the Ganas intentional community can be
      found on the web at Http://www.ganas.org

      Rather than offering a landslide of exacting details at present, we are
      simply advocating that the city of York explore a cooperative, resource
      saving alternative, in the hope of provoking a deeper dialogue concerning
      these proposals. In the true spirit of developing this project
      cooperatively, with all of York's citizens involvement, for the benefit of
      all York's citizens (and by extension, all of the global community), we
      invite you to contact us in order that we might more fully discuss our

      Yours most sincerely,
      Vincent Hedger
      Project Developer
      York Cooperative Community Redevelopment Initiative
      1-717-846-9509 (no messages)

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