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Re: [carfree_cities] The Slow City

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  • T. J. Binkley
    Another article on Slow Cities: http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/world/DailyNews/slowcities000724.html#top The Slow City project plans to emphasize the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 29, 2002
      Another article on Slow Cities:


      "The "Slow City" project plans to emphasize the rich, cultural, culinary
      and artistic local traditions of each community.

      "Pedestrian areas will be enlarged and squares and parks will be made
      greener with more plants. Car alarms and other noise that disturbs the
      peace will be banned, and ugly TV aerials, advertising posters, and neon
      signs will be taken down.

      "City councils will also insist on the use of recycling and renewable
      energy sources, and will also introduce ecological transport systems."

      > From today's National Post
      >Welcome to the city's speed limits
      >The Slow movement fights City Hall and triumphs
      >Carl Honore
      >National Post
      >Tuesday, January 29, 2002
      >BRA, Italy - Even on a normal working day, Bra seems like the perfect place
      >to get away from it all. Locals linger over coffee at sidewalk tables,
      >gossiping with friends or watching the world drift by. In the shady,
      >tree-lined squares, where the air smells of lavender and lilacs, old men sit
      >like statues on the stone benches. Everyone has time to say a warm "Buon
      >Yet Bra is not just another sleepy Mediterranean backwater. Like 31 other
      >"Slow Cities" in Italy, this town of 28,000 has pledged to turn itself into
      >a haven from the high-speed frenzy of the global economy. Being laid-back is
      >now officially the law of the land.
      >Founded two years ago, the Slow City movement was inspired by Slow Food, the
      >Bra-based crusade against the Big Mac culture. Despite its culinary roots,
      >though, Slow City is about much more than just the right to a long lunch
      >followed by a siesta. It is an ambitious grassroots movement that aims to
      >reinvent every aspect of urban life, by putting pleasure before profit,
      >human beings before head office, slowness before speed.

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