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Web Based (URL) Safe list Blaster Software (NEW)

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    Ready For some Serious Marketing and Advertising Resources? This E-mails Contents: 5485 Group Lists Web Based (URL) Safe list Blaster Software (NEW) Group
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2002
      Ready For some Serious Marketing and Advertising Resources?

      This E-mails Contents:
      "5485 Group Lists"
      "Web Based (URL) Safe list Blaster Software (NEW)
      "Group Mailer Software" (see below)
      "Bulk Email Solution without fear of losing your ISP EVER!" (see below)

      5485 Verified Fresh Opt-in email group lists. Both Subscribe and matching
      post list.

      5485 groups of address's Guaranteed delivery as of Jan 5 2002

      The most comprehensive list ever combined. Up to date and complete.
      Matching subscribe list and matching post your ad to list!

      538 working verifed "Egroups" group lists
      4072 working verifed "Yahoo Groups" group lists
      875 working verifed "Topica" group lists
      Total of 5485 groups as of Jan 5 2002

      Over 2.4 million+ users on all these lists combined. Lists are all "ad" or sales marketing, email ready and awaiting your offer!


      More list to be added as time allows. Cleanest list you will find anywhere!
      Market your offer with great results.


      Web Based (URL) Safe list Blaster Software (NEW)

      How to cut down on web based safelist postings Automatically.
      New software " Multi Safelist Blaster Fully Automatic.
      - User Friendly - one click sends to all your web/(URL) based safelist

      EzyList Pro makes safelist posting easy - It takes the tedious task of going
      to the url, logging in, going to the send email page, copying and pasting
      your subject and message and clicking send email, and automates the whole process. One button click on our custom software and you can mail
      to 100's of web based safelists AUTOMATICALLY!



      Group Mail Pro/Plus (popular and powerfull email group management software)

      Need to send the same message to say an 52,000 recipient news letter
      list? Fancy working that prospect list? or would you rather send a
      highly targetted personalized unique message to each of your customers? or would you like to do all those things and more?


      Send messages through your Internet Service Providers SMTP server or
      Direct to your recipients from your Desktop


      Bulk Email Solution
      Do you bulk mail? Then this is your dream come true.

      Bulk Email Solution For the Masses without losing your ISP EVER!

      u-Bulk Technology's Power CGI Bulk System is the No. 1 solution for your bulk email needs. With our years of experience in bulk email marketing, your success is 100% guaranteed! Stop wasting your time and money with those silly softwares- less than 50% of your emails really got delivered. Never pay big for those bulk email companies-did they really send what they promise? Never lose your ISP account again-how much are you spending every month for those "throw away ISPs"?

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