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Re: Do public schools cause sprawl ??

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  • turpin
    ... Yeah, but the parents aren t moving to arbitrary suburbs. If it s easier to move to a good school district in the suburbs than one in town, this would
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2002
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      --- In carfree_cities@y..., Jym Dyer <jym@e...> wrote:
      > I haven't seen any evidence showing that suburban schools
      > provide a consistently better education than urban schools,
      > and my own experience suggests otherwise. ..

      Yeah, but the parents aren't moving to arbitrary suburbs.
      If it's easier to move to a good school district in the
      suburbs than one in town, this would encourage sprawl.
      This might be the case because the presence of good
      schools drives even higher the already expensive real
      estate in town. The point is that coupling school
      selection to where one lives interferes with factors
      that otherwise drive this choice. I don't think the
      migration of new parents out of the city is just my
      imagination, nor that school district plays a role in

      Without this artificial coupling, cities would be
      attractive to parents of school-age children precisely
      *because* they naturally offer a wide choice of schools
      in a compact area. Even without knowing the needs of
      their children in advance, parents in a city would
      be confident of a good school nearby. If parents had
      such choice, that might actually drive some parents
      from the suburbs into cities. Suzy could attend the
      High School for Performing Arts, while Jimmy attends
      a middle school for academically advanced students,
      and both are less than two miles distant, so both can
      walk to school. But parents DON'T have this kind of
      choice. When they're locked into one middle school and
      one high school, parents do what they can to find a
      district that offers a lot all around, or that offers
      what they think their kids will need.

      > Since "peecee" is a chimeric appeal to a form of
      > _ad_hominem_ argument, it really adds nothing to
      > discourse. It's an appeal to ignore actual
      > considerations by making an association with
      > chimeric elements. ..


      > "True school choice" is conservative/propertarian
      > code ..

      Double hmmm.
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