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Re: [carfree_cities] Policing Underground Streets

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  • macwizzurd@aol.com
    Or, perhaps, underground streets are onlly safe in a safe city. In Chicago underground streets have been places for homeless to squat, and above ground
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2002
      Or, perhaps, underground streets are onlly safe in a "safe" city.
      In Chicago underground streets have been places for homeless to squat, and
      above ground walkways, like those recently dismantled on the University of
      Illinois campus, have been places for potential muggers and rapists to hide
      and wait for an ambush opportunity (under the walkways, that is).

      In a message dated 1/2/02 10:00:54 AM, michelle@... writes:

      << Howard mentioned:

      >Um-- a huge police force to patrol the tunnels, skywalks, and the shady
      >beneath the skywalks?

      Interesting question! I decided to do some research on Toronto's
      underground street system to find out if Toronto requires more policing,
      or has a higher crime rate than cities without this underground street

      Here's what I found:
      Toronto has 10 km (6 miles) of underground streets, connecting 1100
      stores and restaurants, 40 office towers, and 6 major hotels. The streets
      are always flanked by stores (at least all of them that I walked on!).
      Here is the website for the underground street system, called PATH:

      From the city's website,
      >Toronto ranked as the safest large metropolitan area in North America by
      >Rated Almanac

      From The Relocation Crime Lab & HomeFair City Reports:
      Toronto's Crime Lab Index: 165 (higher number means higher amount of
      Toronto's City Population: 653,000

      Compare to:
      San Francisco's Crime Lab Index: 165
      SF's city pop.: 776,000

      Portland, OR, Crime Lab index: 192
      Portland's city pop: 529,000

      I also checked to see if Toronto has a larger police force than SF, but
      it is almost exactly the same "uniform strength" per population:
      Toronto's uniform strength per population: 1/498
      SF's ": 1/500
      (figures from these cities' police websites)

      So it looks like as long as there are shops flanking the underground
      streets, they will be just as safe as above-ground streets - and a lot
      warmer! :-)

      Michelle Giansante

      P.S. From this research I found an interesting website:
      "Retail Dynamics in Toronto's Underground System"

      which contains this interesting quote on how the Toronto's underground
      "At the same time, the underground provided a means of separating 'people
      and traffic' in the core -- a central tenant [sic] of 1960s planning
      policy. Municipal planning projections viewed the underground path system
      as a solution to the problem of 'surface pedestrian congestion' that was
      forecast to occur when pedestrian volumes exceeded sidewalk capacity in
      the 1980s."

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