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Fw: urbancyclist-uk: Pensioners stranded because of traffic

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  • Simon Baddeley
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      > From the urbancyclist-uk e-mail list
      > From the South London Press:
      > PENSIONERS have become prisoners in their own homes - because an ambulance
      > which usually takes them to a day centre cannot negotiate their
      > traffic-clogged street.
      > The ambulance is supposed to pick them up from sheltered accommodation in
      > Holland Grove, Brixton, and take them to a local day centre.
      > But it stopped the run a fortnight ago because it is unable get into the
      > park of the old people's housing.
      > A spokeswoman for Lambeth council, which runs the ambulance service, said:
      > "Cars park flush to the corner of the entrance so the ambulance can't
      > negotiate the corner to get into the scheme."
      > Treasurer of Holland Grove Residents' Association, Marie Farrell, told the
      > South London Press: "These people are actually prisoners in their own
      > homes."
      > Association chairman Tony Heggarty said bin lorries were also having
      > problems getting down the street. He added residents were concerned a fire
      > engine would not be able to drive down the road.
      > Mr Heggarty said many of the cars belong to commuters who park in Holland
      > Grove - as it has no parking restrictions - then walk to Brixton Tube
      > station.
      > Mr Heggarty said: "I would like to see an introduction to residents'
      > - as long as that is what they want."
      > He added: "There should also be yellow lines on one or both sides of the
      > road."
      > .cfm?objectid=11461618&method=full&siteid=50100
      > Do you think there is anyone out there in car-lobby land who doesn't
      > that cars destroy communities?
      > J
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