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RE: [carfree_cities] Re: Bombing Afghanistan is Not the Way to De feat al-Qaida

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  • Boileau,Pierre [NCR]
    We can do our part by walking, says Grit minister Lisa Schmidt Calgary Herald Sunday, October 28, 2001 Federal Environment Minister David Anderson said
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2001
      We can do our part by walking, says Grit minister

      Lisa Schmidt
      Calgary Herald

      Sunday, October 28, 2001

      Federal Environment Minister
      David Anderson said Canadians
      can help in the fight against
      terrorism right here at home every
      day -- by driving less.

      "Whenever asked what an
      individual can do to fight
      terrorism, the answer is very
      simple: drive less," he said in a
      speech Saturday.

      In an address to delegates at a conference of the
      Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Anderson said
      work is continuing on a federal government plan to
      improve automobile fuel efficiency.

      "The events of last month have made this even more
      compelling," he said.

      Reducing the country's reliance on oil imports from
      Middle Eastern countries would help reduce the risk of
      funds ending up in the hands of terrorist organizations
      such as Osama bin Laden's, Anderson said.

      Bin Laden, a Saudi-born millionaire, and his al-Qaeda
      network is blamed for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in
      New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

      "That wealth is basically petro dollars from the United
      States, from Western Europe, from ourselves, which
      through the system has wound up in the hands of his
      family and himself," Anderson said after the speech.

      "If the concern in the United States' mind is the link to
      Middle Eastern oil, we can reduce that very quickly . . .
      if, in fact, we have a serious approach to energy
      consumption in the United States and Canada."

      While Canadian refineries do import crude oil from the
      Middle East to meet product demand in the domestic
      market, Canada has some of the largest petroleum
      reserves in the world and is a net-exporter of oil and
      natural gas.

      Meanwhile, Anderson said there's a link between the
      anger and fanaticism of the terrorist organizations and the
      despair of Third World countries where some of the
      movements are born.

      A U.S.-led coalition, including Canada, is currently
      engaged in a military response to terrorism, but Anderson
      expects that a year from now the world will seek
      opportunities for more fundamental change by examining
      the deeper causes.

      Anderson, who is preparing for another round of
      climate-change talks in Morocco next month, said
      although the U.S. is focusing on security issues in the
      wake of the terrorist attacks,

      American officials recently assured him the issue of
      climate change has not been sidelined, he said.

      Despite the fact the Canadian public's attention has been
      focused on similar issues of security and safety,
      Anderson said Ottawa has not lost track of issues that
      were important before Sept. 11.

      Elizabeth May, spokesperson for the Sierra Club, said
      the federal government has a lot of unfinished
      environmental business.

      "I think it's unrealistic not to realize spending priorities
      are changing, that the economy has been hit by the events
      and the reaction to them," she said after listening to
      Anderson's speech.

      © Copyright 2001 Calgary Herald
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      Very interesting, do you have a media reference to his speech?

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