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Re: A new American City

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  • mr_poopoohead
    Hello all I m in Ottawa too. Unfortunately not car free, but hopefully so in the near future. Rode the O train Tuesday. Glen ... you are a ...
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 19, 2001
      Hello all
      I'm in Ottawa too. Unfortunately not car free, but hopefully so in
      the near future.
      Rode the O train Tuesday.

      --- In carfree_cities@y..., "Boileau,Pierre [NCR]"
      <Pierre.Boileau@E...> wrote:
      > Hi Bill,
      > The unfortunate thing about Toronto (metropolitan that is) is that
      you are a
      > minority amongst millions who struggle daily to make sense of their
      > addiction to the car.
      > I live in Ottawa, carfree.
      > Cheers
      > Pierre
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      > --- jdoorman1@h... wrote:
      > > Let's build a new city. I want to live in a city
      > > where i don't have to
      > > buy gas to get around.
      > I want to jump on the train
      > > and get wisked
      > > away to the movie theater at night, and wisked to
      > > work in the
      > > morning.
      > I live in a city where it is possible to live without
      > a car (and many people do). I have a downtown condo
      > without a parking spot. I have a driver's license but
      > don't own a car. The subway is two blocks away.
      > Commuter trains and VIA Rail trains are six blocks
      > away. I have a 24 hour super market a block away, and
      > the supermarket does not have any surface parking.
      > Theatres, stadiums and shopping are just a short walk
      > away.
      > A streetcar line running every 2 minutes in rush hour
      > takes me to work and home again. And the streetcar
      > ride is the best part of my morning. There is a
      > parallel streetcar line four blocks north.
      > The streets are walkable. Sidewalks are largely free
      > of curb cuts and free of drive throughs. Walking is
      > enjoyable, healthy and a great way to get around.
      > I live in Toronto.
      > Bill
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