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Re: Carfree CITIES

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  • fort-fun@home.com
    ... Yeah...one city that i ve not yet seen mentioned is Boulder, Colorado. The whole city (due to the University) is largely compact and is easily walkable and
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 18, 2001
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      --- In carfree_cities@y..., spayne77@y... wrote:
      > I have been reading through much of www.carfree.com and am a new
      > member to this group.
      > The sight does well at explaining the proposed carfree utopia, but I
      > couldn't find any spot where it talked of actual cities that have
      > made some progress toward a "carfree" environment, besides Venice.
      > A year from now, when my current lease expires, I hope to be leaving
      > my midwestern town for better pastures. The process of finding a
      > good city to live in is getting even more complicated.
      > Can anyone give the names of towns in the USA that are in some way
      > pedestrian-friendly? Any city, anywhere. Any response to my
      > question would be greatly appreciated.
      > Thank you!
      > Spayne

      Yeah...one city that i've not yet seen mentioned is Boulder, Colorado.
      The whole city (due to the University) is largely compact and is
      easily walkable and bikeable...there is also the GO Boulder and
      RTD...both serve boulder very well:

      Metro Area Regional Service:
      RTD-B Regional-Boulder-Denver, 10 minutes rush and 30 mins off-peak
      RTD-D Regional-Boulder-Tech Center (SE Denver), 15-25 mins rush, in
      rush direction, every hour non-rush and contra-peak direction
      RTD-F Regional-(Market Street Station) South Boulder-Denver,
      peak only 30 min
      H Regional-(Civic Center Station)
      RTD-G Regional-Golden-Boulder, 30min day only service
      RTD-J Regional-Longmont-East Boulder, 30 min peak, peak direction
      RTD-M Regional-All Day-20 or 30 min peak, 1h non-peak
      RTD-T Regional-Boulder-Greenwood Plaza Area-20 min peak only
      RTD-Y Regional-Boulder-Lyons-3 hour service(!)
      RTD-AB Regional-Boulder-DIA-Hour Service

      Boulder / Surrounding:
      Bound: 10 min all-day, except 30min in early morning/evening
      Jump: 10 min Boulder Service; 20mn Peak/30mn Non-peak to Lafayette
      Leap: 10 min all-day
      Skip: 6-7 min all-day
      RTD-200 Serie Service:
      Outside of Central Boulder
      Boulder - US 36 Suburb Service (Lafayette, Lousiville, Superior,

      Also in general, Denver and the older western & southern suburbs
      (Englewood, Federal Heights, South Federal) are good places to live if
      you want to live carfree...since there are established patterns of
      traffic movement. In Denver: the Wash Park, City Park, Platte Valley,
      LoDo, Five Points, Lowry (NU) Redevelopment, Stapleton (NU-ish)
      Redevelopment, Old Elitches NU Redevelopment, Lakeside, Uptown,
      Capitol Hill (Crime, but urban, very urban- 25k per sq mi if
      extrapolated to a sq mi), or Cherry Creek are urban or urban suburban
      neighborhoods...(many are gentrified 'though)

      Most any central area in larger (100K+ cities/towns) with exception to
      NewBurbs (Aurora, CO is an example as well as Centennial, CO) will
      prolly be good areas to investigate, anywhere in the US

      My $14,00 worth...reflected to show the cost of living in colorado and

      Andrew Reker
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