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RE: [carfree_cities] Montreal/Rigaud line, the 8PM threatened!!! Aaarghhh....

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  • Ronald Dawson
    ... The F59 s are very nice and for those that don t know what they look like here is a picture of one. http://www.emdx.org/rail/Blainville/RameAGogo2.jpg ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 5, 2001
      Louis-Luc wrote:
      >I'm aware the Montréal/Rigaud line has had new engines, faster locomotives
      >that will take you from Dorion to Windsor station in around 40 minutes
      >instead of 54 minutes like it actually takes. That's great!

      The F59's are very nice and for those that don't know what they look like
      here is a picture of one. http://www.emdx.org/rail/Blainville/RameAGogo2.jpg

      >But there's also a rotten peach in the basket. I've suggested many times
      >adding more trains, especially in evening and weekends, since there will be
      >more time saved, so room for more trains.

      Well yes and no, for starters there are various problems that will have to
      be dealt with for the Lake Shore line (its real name is the Vaudreuil
      Subdivision) so that operations improve.

      One, is that west of Dorval there is no CTC (Centralized Traffic Control) at
      least to Dorion, currently it's all ABS (Automatic Block Signal) which slows
      down movement of both passenger and freight trains.

      Two, the amount of freight traffic on the, but with CTC that problem would
      mostly be solved.

      Three, the amount of equipment available is already being stretched, that's
      why you're seeing those leased locomotives from Amtrak. Plus with the new
      train to Delson planed to start in September, I wouldn't be surprised if
      they've plucked equipment from other lines.

      Four, the kind of equipment that is really needed on the line would be some
      kind of DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) like Budd cars.

      >I asked for the new timetable, and
      >the person at Comments/Complaints for commuter trains told me they're
      >planning to make 1 departure from Windsor in the evening: at 10PM, instead
      >of 8PM and 10:45PM. I was shocked!

      I'm shocked as well.

      >I told her it's unacceptable and we won't
      >lose a train. She said they're not making money with the 8PM and they
      >instead made the 16:40 continue to Dorion instead of stopping at
      >Beaconsfield. I told her we already have enough rush hour trains, and they
      >intend to replace the 8PM by one that already exists (partially) so we'd be
      >losing something.

      That's for sure.

      >I wrote a note to denounce the situation, printed out 600 copies, and dealt
      >them on the trains I took yesterday and today. Hope those train managers
      >will be overwhelmed by calls asking to quit the idea of abandoning the 8PM
      >(or another train).

      I would also sugest going to http://www.amt.qc.ca/ .

      >What else shall we do to avoid another loss in transit (a serious one,
      >I take the 8PM in average once a week since 1985). There's no other transit
      >going west of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. Help!

      I'm just as stumped as you are. Dawson
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