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Re: [carfree_cities] Re: attitude of the next generation

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  • Simon Baddeley
    But Bill - sock-tucking is surely less of a fashion crime than bike clips? (added in a whisper - seriously tho , Isn t nice not to have to worry about this
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 24, 2001
      But Bill - sock-tucking is surely less of a fashion crime than bike clips?
      (added in a whisper - seriously tho', Isn't nice not to have to worry about
      this sort of thing?)

      Best wishes and I hope you've had other useful advice. I know there is a lot
      of info on the web about cyclist death and injury relative to other forms of
      transport and it is good building up a standing file on these figures so
      that one can draw them out at will for correspondence with reluctant and
      tardy politicians and officials who are also having to deal with sky high
      in-trays not to mention editors inclined to repeat the current version of
      common-sense about transport.

      http://www.econtur.de/la21/la21copenhagen.htm It occurred to me that the
      Copenhagen Declaration on Mobility might interest you as a vision statement
      on which to base more specific arguments.

      Best wishes


      Simon Baddeley
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      > Simon wrote:
      > >.....................
      > >Unfortunately none of the
      > > fashionable clothes would suit a near 60 year old so I tend to still
      > > like "a cyclist" though I have turned up at meetings in a very smart
      > > suit and tie and looked pretty suave.
      > I'm trying to visualise you here Simon, and I keep seeing a nice pair of
      > cycle clips.When I get back to the Uk for a couple of weeks in September
      > i'll be looking for a pair (can you still buy them?). Cant keep on
      > my trousers into my socks.
      > Seriously though Simon that was a great post.
      > Carfree for 12 years and now a *born again* cyclist in my 50's and thanks
      > for the advice on prodding away at the Hong Kong situation. Working on it.
      > Bill Telfer
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