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      THURSDAY JUNE 28 2001
      Shock tactic of ad aimed at speeders
      A television commercial showing a car smashing into a child is to be
      screened in a campaign aimed at motorists who think that it is safe to
      drive at slightly over the speed limit.

      Ministers have pledged to halve the number of children killed and seriously
      injured on the roads by 2010. In the advertisement a car travelling at 35
      mph in a 30 mph zone brakes hard but still hits a child, who is thrown high
      into the air before falling lifeless in the road. Careful editing aims to
      make the incident look as realistic as possible. A dummy was used for the
      impact scene.

      It is believed to be the first time that the Government has resorted to
      showing a child being struck by a car in a road safety commercial. The £1.7
      million campaign is intended to demonstrate that exceeding a 30 mph limit
      by 5 mph extends a driver's stopping distance by 21ft, greatly increasing
      the risk of killing a pedestrian.

      The advertisement will be shown only after 7.30pm because it has been
      deemed too disturbing for young children. Last year 107 child pedestrians
      were killed and 5,000 seriously hurt in car accidents. Another 35,000
      suffered slight injuries.

      David Jamieson, the Transport Minister, said: "Some motorists do not regard
      speeding as a criminal act at all. Public attitudes must change. We must
      explode the myth that it is all right to speed if you are an experienced
      motorist or you know your car. It is not."

      John Burbeck, Chief Constable of Warwickshire, who helped to launch the
      campaign, said: "This is about encouraging drivers to link their own
      day-to-day driving directly with the likelihood of causing death or injury
      to others."

      Distributed for purposes of study and research
      in accordance with the fair dealing provisions of the 1988 UK
      Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. So there.

      ***************** Geraint Jennings *******************
      Artist, Teacher, Green, and general all-round good egg
      ************* http://user.itl.net/~geraint/ *************
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