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Re: [carfree_cities] German Film

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Thank you Sylvia. The film was Anatomie . I didn t see all of it as my daughter got it out to watch after her exams and I saw just a bit of it and noticed the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 25 12:00 AM
      Thank you Sylvia. The film was "Anatomie". I didn't see all of it as my
      daughter got it out to watch after her exams and I saw just a bit of it and
      noticed the way people got around - as you point out - in a sort of taken
      for granted reliance on buses, trains and bicycles. Now I'll have to see
      more and try to ignore the plot! Sounds like a good place - nasty medical
      conspiracies notwithstanding. Of course it's a famous city for its culture
      and architecture anyway but I had no idea it was that civilised!

      Best wishes


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      > Are you talking about the movie "Anatomie"? If so, it's set primarily in
      > Heidelberg and I would say that the lack of cars was less intentional, if
      > you mean set up by the movie producers, and more a reflection of how life
      > in the city actually is. Even children of wealthy families get around by
      > bikes here in Germany. :o)
      > Cheers,
      > Sylvia
      > >Nice quote Karen. As I said before I'm waiting for "deconstructionist"
      > >essays on the basis of the writers privileging of different kinds of
      > >transport. I think it's happening. I saw a German medical horror film the
      > >other day - dubbed quite well - in which there were very few cars. All
      > >main characters seem to go around on foot, bicycles, buses and trains.
      > >kept seeing cycle stands in the background of pictures and the sound of
      > >trains. I'm going to look at it again because I am wondering how far this
      > >was intentional.
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