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  • J.H. Crawford
    Richard Rich posted this listing of new books of interest on the Urban Ecology forum, available at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/urban-ecology/ Anybody know
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2001
      Richard Rich posted this listing of new books of interest on
      the Urban Ecology forum, available at:


      Anybody know any of these books? Want to write a short
      review or a "Briefly Noted" paragraph about any of them?


      The Sustainable City: Urban Regeneration and Sustainability
      Editors: C.A. BREBBIA, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK, A.
      Petróleo Brasileiro S.A., Brazil and B. TERRA, Rio de Janeiro
      State Secretariat of Science and Technology, Brazil

      In The Sustainable City academics, professionals and practitioners
      from many disciplines exchange ideas and identify best policies
      and practice for a viable urban environment. Consisting of case
      studies, research papers and practitioners reports, the
      contributions are divided under the following headings: Strategy
      and Development; Environmental Management and Pollution;
      Land Use and Management; Transport Environment and
      Integration; Cultural Heritage and Architectural Issues; Planning,
      Development and Management; Restructuring and Renewal; The
      Community and the City; Public Safety and Security.

      Series: Advances in Architecture, Vol 9
      ISBN: 1-85312-811-2 2000 616pp £199.00/US$299.00

      Environmental Urban Noise
      Editor: A. GARCÍA, University of Valencia, Spain

      A comprehensive and up-to-date overview of urban noise, this
      volume includes all the fundamental aspects required to understand
      this important field of environmental science. Each chapter is
      presented in a form easily accessible to a wide range of readers
      including postgraduate students, researchers, lecturers and
      professionals in fields as diverse as physics, engineering,
      architecture, urbanism, health, education, sociology, law, and

      Partial Contents: Introduction. PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT AND
      RATING OF URBAN NOISE: Physical Properties of Sound;
      Scales and Ratings; Measurement Instrumentation; Noise
      Surveys. EFFECTS OF NOISE ON HEALTH: Mechanisms and
      Types of Noise Health Effects; Sleep Disturbance by Noise;
      Pathological Non-Auditory Effects of Noise. COMMUNITY
      between Exposure and Annoyance; Moderators of Annoyance;
      Community Actions Against Noise. PREDICTION OF URBAN
      NOISE: Sound Power and Directivity Pattern of Noise Sources;
      Outdoor Sound Propagation; Sources and Prediction of Urban
      Noise; Methods for Reducing Urban Noise; Urban Noise Evolution
      in Our Cities. URBAN NOISE CONTROL: Road Traffic, Aircraft,
      and Railway Noise Control; Acoustical Insulation of Buildings;
      Noise Control Regulations; Economic Instruments.

      Series: Advances in Ecological Sciences, Vol 8
      ISBN: 1-85312-752-3 January 2001 240pp £88.00/US$136.00

      The Sustainable Street:
      The Environmental, Human and Economic Aspects of Street
      Design and Management
      Editors: C. JEFFERSON and J. ROWE, University of the West of
      England, and C.A. BREBBIA, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK

      This book puts forward solutions for achieving vital and sustainable
      city streets and presents policies and practices designed to shape
      their future. Making a significant contribution to this topic through
      a series of cross-disciplinary chapters, it also identifies the best
      practices between developers, economists, engineers, managers,
      planners, sociologists, tourism and transport professionals and
      urban designers.

      The Architectural Significance of the Street as a Functional and
      Social Arena; Exploring Feasibility to Promote Sustainable
      Development through the Spatial Dimension of the Street;
      Appropriate Land Uses in City Centres - A Case Study in Bristol.
      THE INTERESTS OF THE USERS: The Listening Game; The
      Street as Arena for Adolescent Rites of Passage; Controlling
      Street Crime - Repression or Integration?; Design for Convenience.
      ISSUES OF ACCESS AND DESIGN: Traffic Restraint in the City
      of Cambridge - An Incremental Approach to Decision Making;
      Urban Oases - Dealing with Densities via Local Automated Transit
      Links; Improving Access by Public Transport.

      Series: Advances in Architecture, Vol 12
      ISBN: 1-85312-832-5 February 2001 288pp

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