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Bush Jr. was court-appointed, not elected (was Re: RATS to the US. , (cross post))

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  • Guy Berliner
    It s really starting to grate on me. It s bad enough that the wholly corporate controlled US media has attempted to perform a complete lobotomy on American
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2001
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      It's really starting to grate on me. It's bad enough that the
      wholly corporate controlled US media has attempted to perform
      a complete lobotomy on American historical memory in the course
      of just a few weeks. But it's even worse when progressive-minded
      people parrot the same lies. Please everyone, repeat after me "GEORGE
      receive a majority of the vote, he didn't even win office by a normal
      constitutional procedure. The vote counting was cut off by the Supreme
      Court. He won "by default." Court-appointed. Get it?

      Whatever you do, please don't blame American voters for the actions
      of George Bush Jr. You do us a disservice, and I personally deeply
      resent it. It's not fair, it's not historically accurate, and it
      grants legitimacy to a wholly illegitimate regime.

      Your own BBC was the first to break the story of how Bush
      Jr's campaign chairwoman and Secretary of State in charge of
      certifying the vote count in Florida, Kathleen Harris, connived
      with Bush Jr's brother, Jeb Bush, the governor of the state, to
      purge thousands of names of people from the voting rolls on the
      grounds that their names matched those of felons provided by the
      state of Texas. They did this with no attempt to verify the
      authenticity of the information. Not even a phone call! If your
      name was John Doe, and a John Doe in Texas was convicted of a
      felony, you could lose your right to vote! Just such a travesty
      happened to thousands of people in Florida, most of them minority
      voters and registered Democrats. And even then they couldn't win a
      majority free and clear! So they had to rely on the Supreme Court's
      artificial cutoff of the vote recount.

      Roy Preston wrote:

      > This is *frightening*, Simon!! I've
      > never been a fan of him or his
      > policies, and will never forget a BBC2
      > documentary about him in the run up to
      > the US elections -- the hypocrisy and
      > deceit of the man! Comments uttered
      > off screen when he thought he wasn't
      > being recorded!
      > But, the problem isn't 'Bush'. The
      > problem is the number of people people
      > who voted for him.
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