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NJ PCC news.

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  • Ronald Dawson
    From http://www.nj-arp.org/hot316.html Dawson P.S. It s amazing how long these former Twin City Lines cars have lasted.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2001
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      From http://www.nj-arp.org/hot316.html Dawson

      P.S. It's amazing how long these former Twin City Lines cars have lasted.

      PCC Swan Song Nears as New Newark LRVs Prep

      On April 27, the famed President's Conference Committee (PCC) light rail
      cars, long a staple of the Newark City Subway, are slated to be retired from
      regular daily service. The City Subway PCCs, inherited from Minneapolis in
      1954, soldiered on for decades as New Jersey first abandoned, then began
      rebuilding, LRT operations -- including a one-mile extension of the City
      Subway itself through Belleville and Bloomfield, now set to open in the

      New Jersey Transit will debut its Kinki Sharyo LRT fleet, which currently
      operates on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Transit system, on the City Subway
      on Monday, April 30. But NJT also is planning a commemoration of the PCC
      cars on Saturday, May 5.

      No definitive plans for the PCCs has been determined, but NJ Transit
      officials, in repeated talks with NJ-ARP, have insisted several cars of the
      approximately 26-car fleet (at least 10) will be retained for future
      ceremonial use and/or historical preservation. NJT officials also deny
      reports of a massive PCC sale to San Francisco, which continues to operate
      PCC cars in daily service.
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