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Re: suggestions for best warm U.S. cities for non-drivers?

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    ... don t ... of ... visit ... new ... anyone ... I would have to say if you plan on looking at Middle south cities, Dallas would be the place to go. Downtown
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 2, 2001
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      --- In carfree_cities@y..., "N N" <natalienicola@h...> wrote:
      > I'm faced with moving to a new city and want to limit my list of
      > possible choices to places I can get around in without a car. I
      > drive at all. Currently I live in a city in the Southwestern part
      > the U.S. that is compact enough for my needs. I can go to work,
      > friends, shop, go out to the movies and clubs without relying on a
      > driver to give me a ride. I want to be able to do the same in my
      > hometown. I would prefer to avoid places where it snows. Does
      > have any helpful suggestions? Thanks

      I would have to say if you plan on looking at Middle south cities,
      Dallas would be the place to go. Downtown Dallas is exploding with
      multi-use residential buildings. There DT still has a major
      department store it has the restaurant district plenty of museums,
      theaters, deli's... that stay open past the normal 9-5. It's
      immediate periphery (although) is experiencing a HUGE growth in
      residential/commercial uses. Dallas is still very oriented toward
      the car but it is starting to see alot of TOD on its DART rail, which
      now connects with DFW airport and soon with downtown Fort Worth. The
      Uptown area just north of Downtown is experiencing a New Urbanism
      type trend and it is supported with a Trolly that connects to the
      light rail downtown at the Art Mus. and within the year it will
      complete a connection to the light rail at the north end. The job
      scene in Dallas seems limitless. IMO, Dallas is light years ahead of
      all the other Texas cities, including Austin, when it comes to Rapid
      Transit and human mobility. And "no" the DART buses arent that great
      but I've never been on any city's bus that was wonderful. If you
      need any more info. on Dallas I'd be glad to help.
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