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[carfree_cities] carfree_cities on eGroups, Vigo and international collaboration over the Net

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    Dear Friends, This is a brand new list and already some interesting things are happening here. In particular that interesting information de Rodrigo on Vigo
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2000
      Dear Friends,

      This is a brand new list and already some interesting things are happening
      here. In particular that interesting information de Rodrigo on Vigo brings a
      point to mind concerning which I would like to ask for your counsel. First
      though a quick word of background.

      Since 1992 or so we have been using the Net to exchange information and
      develop new ideas and consensuses in support of sustainable transport. To
      see the latest cut of this, I invite you to go to The Commons at
      http://www.ecoplan.org, and from there to check out the various programs
      there that deal with transportation, access, and sustainable development.

      The consistent challenge behind our work is this: How are we able to use
      these technology resources in order to build up useful information and
      views, which then one can later access and use in a flexible way. What I
      can tell you is that it is not easy. There are a lot of realities and
      constraints out there that get in the way.

      Let's take Rodrigo's message and site as a good example of the sort of thing
      we face in this struggle for efficiency. I learn about it here, and then I
      immediately forward it to the forum of our @ccess on the Web site at
      http://www.ecoplan.org/access , because I know that it will be of a lot of
      interest there. Makes me think to that I should send it to the alt-trans
      list, but since I don't know if Rodrigo has done this, I hesitate to do so
      since we don't want to create unnecessary noise in the system. But then
      too, we don't want to get this lost in some corner of our virtual universe.
      It's far too good and useful for such a fate.

      So, one small thing that we do in such cases, is to pop it into a library
      that we have set up some time back with links to good sites that are
      involved in pedestrian and traffic calming causes. You can find it if you
      go to @ccess on the Web site at http://www.ecoplan.org/access, then click
      Links/Media on the menu, and then click "Do Caminar en Vigo".

      Then there is one other wrinkle that might interest you. If you look a bit
      further down on the @ccess menu, you will see a Search button. If you pop
      in "Vigo" there, it will take you right to Rodrigo's message and from their
      to their site..

      Now... we think this is useful. But we're also aware that it is still
      pretty crude and requires a certain amount of energy and familiarity with
      the Net to make good use of. But if you have comments or suggestions for us
      on this, they would be most welcome.

      In closing, let me take this opportunity to wish Joel Crawford the best of
      luck with this new corner of CarFree Cities and, of course, on his new book.
      Joel, may the world beat a path to your publisher's door. You sure deserve

      With all good wishes,

      Eric Britton

      ecopl@n ___ technology, economy, society ___
      Le Frene, 8/10 rue Joseph Bara, 75006 Paris, France
      Eric.Britton@... URL www.ecoplan.org
      Voice/Videoconference +331.4441.6340 (1-4)
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