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Re: [carfree_cities] postcard from a Native American

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  • philip@aal.cix.co.uk
    ... No wonder us Brits feel at home in the States! Britain too, is based on majority rule; about 70% of adults have access to cars, therefore 100% of transport
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 22, 2000
      > ring a bell?
      > a.k.l.
      > Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 17:10:51 -0500 (EST)
      > From: woods wolf <woodswolf@...>
      > Subject: FWD: Emmigrate?
      > Or , do not come here. We're all crazy.
      > Everybody wants to come to Amerika. Why? Before
      > you do, let me tell you a
      > little about it.
      > We are forced from birth to use electricity.
      > Apparently it is addictive.
      > We then complain about pollution, endangered
      > species, mountain top removal,
      > radiation, and the " junk" level in our homes
      > that is electric compatible.
      > We build homes next to rivers and complain when
      > the river floods them. We
      > then want dams built. Which in turn have to be
      > maintained because of the
      > silt build up behind them from development, over
      > logging, and farming.
      > We have an addictive habit for automobiles
      > because we have time
      > restrictions on when we have to be somewhere.
      > I.e.- work. Then we complain
      > about not having time for ourselves and family,
      > costly repairs, and
      > pollution.
      > We cut down our forests for paper and wood
      > products, and clearing land for
      > development and farming. Then we complain about
      > weather changes, global
      > warming, endangered species, and coyotes and
      > mosquitos moving into an area.
      > We have a government that is based on majority
      > rule and taxation to
      > maintain all of the above ( which all makes the
      > rich richer), which in turn
      > forces us to have a large military out of
      > paranoia. Then we complain about
      > taxation and having a nuclear threat hanging over
      > our heads.
      > I believe that all this is due to being born
      > into a system that is based
      > on a hierarchal government and the concept of
      > land ownership.
      > If you live in a tribal system based on
      > consensus, sharing, and a love of
      > nature, DO NOT COME HERE. 99% of the Amerikan
      > people are insane. If you are
      > not insane and come here, you will end up dead,
      > in prison, in an asylum,
      > homeless, or on Prozac.
      > If there is a group of people in North America
      > out there who still live
      > and govern tribally, I will gladly live with you,
      > because I want out of this
      > insane asylum called Amerika.

      No wonder us Brits feel at home in the States!

      Britain too, is based on majority rule; about 70% of adults have access to
      cars, therefore 100% of transport policy and media-controlled debate is
      dictated by their point of view. Even the public transport companies are
      obsessed with the desires of motorists for two hours commuting a day/five
      days a week, and to heck with the millions of non motorists who need
      public transport (mainly buses) up to 24/7.

      The Christmas season highlights this. Every year in early December, the UK
      Government and Police plead with the population not to drink and drive
      whilst enjoying the Christmas festivities. At the same time, the bus
      companies announce what poor level of provision will exist in the evenings
      between 24 Dec & 2 Jan. This is where housing estates like mine, that
      provide healthy, profitable loadings for over 350 evenings a year - not
      surprising as there are an estimated 2000 adults without regular access to
      a car in the area - are left high & dry for five nights out of nine.
      Still we should be grateful, it was eight nights over the Millenium.

      As a matter of interest, what is the proportion of adults in the USA
      without private transport? I would imagine that car ownership is almost
      universal in the USA, not least because they take up a lower proportion of
      your income, and because the country is far less densely populated than
      the UK. If this is so, it does mean you have one advantage over the UK;
      Projected increases in traffic congestion and vehicle-related pollution in
      the USA can't be anything like as bad as it is for the UK!
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