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  • liberman, andrew kay
    (((((((((((( responses by a. liberman,of - http://www.urbanforestsave.50megs.com/ ... )))))) taxed equally? With all the damage the auto brings to society I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2000
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      (((((((((((( responses by a. liberman,of -

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      > Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 06:07:40 -0600
      > From: "Robert J. Matter" <rjmatter@...>
      > Subject: [Fwd: Hammond's 2nd Class Citizens --
      > Bicyclists & Pedestrians]
      > Here's a letter I sent to my mayor this morning.
      > Feel free to copy and modify for your own personal
      > letter writing campaign or use for inspiration.
      > -Bob Matter
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      > Subject: Hammond's 2nd Class Citizens -- Bicyclists
      > & Pedestrians
      > Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 05:57:20 -0600
      > From: "Robert J. Matter" <rjmatter@...>
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      > Organization: http://www.railtrails.org
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      > Dear Mayor Dedelow,
      > Friday afternoon I rode my bicycle to the South
      > Shore train station in East Chicago from my home in
      > Woodmar. The Indianapolis Blvd. bridge sidewalk is
      > unshoveled, making it impossible to pass by bicycle.
      > I could walk my bike across the bridge on the
      > sidewalk through the ice and snow and broken glass,
      > but that would add considerable time to my commute.
      > So I rode on the street over the very narrow bridge,
      > in rush hour traffic. That is a terrifying
      > experience. Automobiles are in a hurry to get to
      > the stoplight at the bottom of the bridge and do not
      > yield an inch or wait a second to pass safely. I
      > would not mind bicycling over the bridge on the
      > street if there existed a reasonably wide shoulder
      > or bike lane.
      > I am curious why Hammond spares no expense when it
      > comes to providing clean, plowed, salted streets for
      > autos, but when pedestrians and bicyclists request
      > that broken glass be swept or snow cleared from
      > public walkways, they are ignored. Can you tell me
      > why? We are taxed equally.

      )))))) taxed equally? With all the damage the auto
      brings to society I don't think so. Car owners pay no
      taxes on the assault their car's put on the rest of us
      and the rest of car owners by the pollution the
      vehicles spew, the road rage cars incite, and the toll
      of the services necessary for the car - public and
      private. Look around you and see all the land taken up
      by businesses to service the atuo. What a world we
      would live in with equal services for bicycles and
      bicycling. In a given area the car has service
      stations, auto repair, car parts sales...you name it.

      > I am sure you are aware of global warming. It is
      > caused chiefly by CO2 emissions from personal
      > automobiles. Hammond and the greater Chicagoland
      > area have severe air quality problems and are
      > subject to ozone alerts in the summer. Pedestrians
      > and bicyclists crossing a public walkway to reach a
      > mass transit hub are commuting responsibly and
      > deserve at least as much consideration as their
      > automobile driving counterparts. Hammond's
      > priorities are clearly in the wrong order.

      )))))))) Hammond doesn't have priorities. The car
      mentaltity rules.
      > Sincerely,
      > Robert J. Matter
      > 2432 Martha St. #4
      > Hammond, IN 46323-1402
      > Message: 2
      > Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 07:04:59 -0600
      > From: "Robert J. Matter" <rjmatter@...>
      > Subject: Re: correction on Rodoanel's website
      > address
      > Ronald Dawson wrote:
      > >
      > > Wow, it looks like a wall being built around a
      > city. It reminds me of I-285
      > > around Atlanta or A86 around Paris.
      > > http://www.cofiroute.fr/Fr/reseau/a86.htm
      > > http://www.cofiroute.fr/Uk/reseau/a86.htm

      )))))) why not use trees for walls?
      > Or I-465 around Indianapolis.
      > -Bob Matter
      > "Why do people ride when the days are short, wet and
      > cold?
      > It's our civic duty. Politicians and planners need
      > to see
      > that cycling is a viable form of transportation
      > EVERY DAY
      > OF THE YEAR." -Gin Kilgore
      > http://www.bikewinter.org

      ))))) it's our civic duty to ride....I used to live in
      Omaha and would sometimes ride at night, on the ice -
      people thought it crazy (the ones in the four wheeled
      chariots using up all the fossil fuels)...but it was
      andy liberamn

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