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RE: Re: [carfree_cities] Carfree test districts with cars hidden in the centre.

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  • Ronald Dawson
    ... That s if there is any money left over? Dawson
    Message 1 of 5 , May 1, 2000
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      J.H. Crawford wrote:

      >Erik Rauch said:
      >>Agreed. The Boston area's transit agency is proposing to run an
      >>electric bus line, partially underground, as a long-promised
      >>replacement for an old elevated metro serving the inner-city area of
      >>Roxbury that last ran in 1986 (the so-called "Silver Line",
      >>http://brt.volpe.dot.gov/projects/boston.html). However, opponents
      >>residents of the area have made a good point that this is inferior and
      >>not much cheaper than a metro. The underground section (linking to the
      >>new Seaport District) has already seen its estimated budget rise to
      >>$600 million.

      >Lest we forget, the BigDig is costing as much as 22 of the underground
      >sections. There should be plenty of money!

      That's if there is any money left over? Dawson
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