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Re: [carfree_cities] "Solving the problem of the automobile"

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  • eyrehead
    ... Yes, small areas first. See what works, what doesn t, what s liked, what isn t. In suburbia, streets lined with houses, perhaps, if one lot at the end
    Message 1 of 5 , May 1, 2000
      > A suggestion of a thing to do is to gather everyone who wants a
      > carfree city and build one. I'm sure there is a sufficient number
      > of people in many countries who'd like to move to a carfree city
      > designed especially for them in their country. Lyon in France is
      > a good example. If France citizens who desire to live in a carfree
      > environment decide to move to Lyon, chances are that authorities
      > will have to realize some part (and eventually all part) of Lyon
      > must become carfree. Once we set up a real one, the citizens of surrounding

      Yes, small areas first. See what works, what doesn't, what's liked, what isn't.

      In suburbia, streets lined with houses, perhaps, if one lot at the end of the
      street could be the parking lot, maybe under ground, maybe partly underground,
      maybe an architecturally interesting parking structure, anyway, that could be where
      cars are kept in a car free street. Part of the contract of buying a house on a
      carfree street would be an agreement not to drive on the street. Emergency
      vehicles only. This could be a selling point for people with small children.
      The auto is so deadly that nearly everyone knows or knows of someone whose child
      has been hit by a car. Maybe the street could be a cul de sac to cars, but
      passable by bike.

      It seems farfetched but once smoke free areas in restaurants were outlandish. I
      think the best place to start carfree, or electric only public transportation would
      be in Florida or the SW US, in the retirement areas. These people have every
      incentive not to drive, they dislike noise, and sometimes have lung ailments
      exacerbated by pollution.

      Carfree is still a fringe idea in a lot of places, but a few working and attractive
      examples should push it into wider practice.


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