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RE: [carfree_cities] Advice on traffic calming, anyone?

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  • Ronald Dawson
    ... Scary. ... How often are houses ever struck by golf balls? ... It doesn t seem as if it would be to hard to put in sidewalks. ... Is that 35 mph speed
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2000
      Michael Schramm wrote:
      >The neighborhood association in the subdivision I reside in will soon
      >be staging a regularly scheduled quarterly meeting. In view of the
      >observances I've made on motorist habits here I've spoken with the
      >president and requested that he make traffic calming a top agenda
      >item. He fortunately agreed and informed me the issue has come up
      >before--but I think his reception to the idea was piqued when he told
      >me of his recent incident--a driver actually went around his car and
      >sped on through an intersection as he was decelerating for a posted
      >stop sign.


      >Let me briefly describe the situation in my neighborhood for you:
      >Approximately 150 homes are situated in proximity to an 18 hole golf
      >course, many of which are lined along the fairways.

      How often are houses ever struck by golf balls?

      >Garages are not
      >allowed to face the street, there are a number curvilinear streets
      >with cul-de-sacs and streets are relatively free of parked cars. Now
      >here's the paradox to that innate visceral sense that automobiles are
      >blight on the landscape: The neighborhood completely lacks sidewalks,
      >has a 35 mph speed limit and the streets are VERY wide.

      It doesn't seem as if it would be to hard to put in sidewalks.

      >The end
      >result as you might surmise is that motorists have total reign
      >here--there are very few pedestrians and bicyclists about and
      >certainly no children present. Motorists enjoy a completly
      >unobstructed view and can easily drive 40 to 45 mph (which I often
      >see) along the main artery.

      Is that 35 mph speed limit ever enforced?

      >I recently asked a neighborhood patrol volunteer why no sidewalks.
      >His response was simply "we didn't want them".

      To me that seems quite odd.

      >My response to him was that this is why everyone feels car
      >patrolling is needed, everyone is shut inside their "sensory
      >deprivation chamber" that passes for a home. Had their been measures
      >taken to instill a community bond, i.e. wide sidewalks, speed bumps,
      >vegetated medians to restrict driver vision, etc., we could enjoy a
      >safe, livable community where people would associate with one another.
      >He looked at me like I came from the Moon...

      C'est vie.

      >Anyway, if anyone on this forum has advice to share when I address the
      >issue on traffic calming, I would much appreciate it. Oh, nearly
      >forgot, the residents who were SO OPPOSED to the installation of three
      >neighborhood stop signs (reluctantly put in when motorists were seen
      >driving at 55 mph) are now the biggest champions of auto speed

      You might want to check out this URL. Dawson
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