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RE: [carfree_cities] World Carfree Day in Montreal.

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  • Lanyon, Ryan
    The best citizens approach I ve seen in Canada is in Vancouver from B.E.S.T. - http://www.best.bc.ca. They support all green modes, not focusing on just
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27, 2000
      The best citizens approach I've seen in Canada is in Vancouver from B.E.S.T.
      - http://www.best.bc.ca They support all green modes, not focusing on just
      cycling or walking. I believe they even do contract work for the


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      > Hello everyone,
      > Let me relate you what I did for the first WCFD.
      > I held a presentation at Chapters bookstore in Montreal on September 21st
      > at
      > 7PM to present Joel's book "Carfree Cities" while simultaneously promoting
      > the change towards carfree cities. I expected an audience of maybe 10 to
      > 30
      > people, but I got only about 6 people, and we ended up with only Dawson,
      > my
      > friend Marc, I and the person in charge of the presentation. We sold a
      > couple of copies of the book, so if other Canadians near Montreal want the
      > book, well it's there at Chapters.
      > I was hoping to form a special group to represent and defend walking and
      > cycling in Quebec, especially in Montreal, while starting to make people
      > aware that life is possible and better beyond car culture. I know it's
      > more
      > difficult to do this in America than in Europe, but it should be easier to
      > start something inside Montreal, than elsewhere in the province.
      > Well, the ice is broken, and it should be any better for the next event.
      > We are going to have more transit infrastructures into the city, meaning
      > more transport, more people walking in the city, so less convenient for
      > car
      > drivers. There is hope!
      > Louis-Luc.
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