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Car-Free Month continues!

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  • Jason Meggs
    Hi all, Just to let you know that the efforts of our first Car-Free Month in the SF Bay Area (and tomorrow the world! :) are continuing and so far fairly
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2000
      Hi all,

      Just to let you know that the efforts of our first
      Car-Free Month in the SF Bay Area (and tomorrow the
      world! :) are continuing and so far fairly successful.

      It is true that such things are likely to face a media
      blackout in the USA, at least without some minor or major
      uprising (and so we've included a few of those in our
      schedule as well 8).

      The concept of Car-Free Month is something that no one
      can refuse, the idea is to recognize those who live without
      cars, and bring attention to the goal of car-free living.

      At the same time, because this is an open event, the
      opportunity exists to push the envelope with certain
      events, such as via protests and actions.

      Below is a bulletin. More info on the website,




      Car-Free Month continues!

      More reasons for September to be Car-Free Month emerge all the time.
      While many of us may be jaded or skeptical about "theme days" and
      "theme months", and I'm no exception, the idea of focusing energy on
      the issue of living car-free each September makes more and more sense.

      In this bulletin:

      1. Teach-in/potluck/plum-wine Saturday Sept. 16
      2. Make your bike as big as a car -- fun protest at NAB Thurs. Sept. 21, WCFD
      3. Bike film fest and party Sunday Sept. 24!
      4. Reclaim the Streets! Tuesday, Sept. 26

      5. quickie-clicky: support bicycle and pedestrian legislation ASAP!


      Ongoing informal meetings to discuss Car-Free Month occur every
      Monday night from 6-8 PM at Au Coquelet Cafe (corner of Milvia and
      Shattuck, Berkeley, near downtown Berkeley BART).

      Check the full listing at http://www.bclu.org/


      5:00 PM food and mingle, 7 PM presentations

      Join us for a vegetarian pot-luck dinner and teach-in. Speakers include
      Bill Mitchell describing ten ways to bike to Santa Cruz, Jen Collins
      discussing the Global Petroleum Industry and Alan Van Tress with a
      thrilling slide show of the Kinetic Sculpture Race. This event is part of
      Car-Free Month, a month to honor and support those who live car-free.
      510.273.9288, www.bclu.org

      WHERE: 463-61st St., apt. A (just east of Telegraph, MacArthur BART
      closest). Note that this is NOT at Alan Van Tress' house any more, as
      was previously advertised.

      P.S. Hey, special bonus item -- bring a quart jar and take home some
      homemade organic plum wine!


      2. Make your Bike as Big as a CAR!!!

      Not only is Thursday, Sept. 21st WORLD CAR-FREE DAY, but it's the
      opening of the National Association of Broadcasters' annual convention.

      QUESTION: Who are the biggest pushers of autoculture to the public?

      ANSWER: The corporate media. We join numerous groups protesting the
      consolidation and profiteering off of public broadcasting.

      "If I see one more television car add about how we can trounce
      nature and whiz through the countryside rather than the ugly
      putrid crawling reality, sandwiched with the daily death toll
      and the daily commuter crawl reports, I'm gonna RALPH!"

      There is a bike action planned for the NAB in the morning on Sept.
      21st, at the Moscone Center, 8:00 AM.

      Bring your bicycle and any flags you like, Sport Utility Bicycle
      (SUB) frames will be available for you. Legal! Make your bike
      as big as a car! Quite a sight when the street fills up with them.

      From bclu.org:

      Amazing action: sport-utility bikes surround the NAB
      conference! They're legal, they're fun, and when a
      bicycle takes up as much space as a car it makes
      quite a statement! The Moscone Center, 747 Howard
      Street (at Third), San Francisco, 8:00 AM. Materials
      provided, allow 20 minutes for set-up. Bring flags
      if you can. 510-273-9288.

      You can find links and information about international activities
      and the background of World Car-Free Day (and the fabulous magazine,
      "Car Busters") from the BCLU.ORG website.


      SUNDAY 9/24, Party 6-8pm, Films 8pm-10:30pm

      Bike down to Pyramid Brewery and Alehouse's Outdoor Theatre located
      at 901 Gilman St for the Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition's Fifth
      Anniversary Party and Summertime Bike Film Festival. The party will
      feature delicious healthy food and drink, Pyramid microbrew, Root
      beer, a car pinata, bike limbo, velo-music, speeches from local bike
      advocate heroes, a huge bike cake, and of course, free valet bicycle
      parking. Following the party are cutting edge bike films on the big
      screen in the great outdoors. Bring something comfy to sit on.

      Popcorn and munchies will be provided.
      This is a family-friendly event.

      Cost: FREE for BFBC Members, $10-$20 Sliding Scale for Non-Members
      *Discount on membership at the door*

      WHERE: Pyramid Alehouse, 901 Gilman
      (near San Pablo, cross street is 8th)


      4. Reclaim the Streets! Tuesday, Sept. 26
      Gather Berkeley BART 6:00 PM. (510) 594-4002

      What started as an inspiring new form of protest -- a party in the
      street -- as a solidarity action between anti-car activists, ravers,
      and opponents of the prison-industrial complex in England in May 1995,
      has swiftly become a world-wide resistance to economic globalization
      and the associated environmental destruction, genocide, and abuses of
      power (including of course, the petroluem, sprawl, and concrete
      industries). This month's Reclaim the Streets in Berkeley coincides
      with the meeting of the IMF/WB in Prague.

      From the web site, http://www.xinet.com/rts/

      community liferenewal dancinginthestreets

      Prison industry rolling over community
      Car culture rolling over community
      Dance spaces under attack
      As the big protest spectacles subside for now..
      time to take the struggle against globalization home
      time to...Reclaim the Streets!

      This year's big global action:

      Gather at 6:00 PM at the Downtown Berkeley BART Tuesday,
      September 26. As the IMF and World Bank meet in Prague,
      we join hundreds of demonstrations around the world in
      protest of globalization and "structural adjustment" policies
      for their ongoing destruction of human rights and the
      environment, and the commodification of all life.

      There will be a simultaneous Critical Mass of bicycles
      and dancin' march before we arrive at the liberation zone.


      Thanks for reading -- please take action, everyday in every way!
      There are more items and events listed on the bclu.org website.


      Jason Meggs
      Director, BCLU

      VM 00 1 510 273 9288
      FX 00 1 510 486 1528
      PG 00 1 510 720 2818




      Anti-car festival of actions, teach-ins, and events!
      Momentous international and local events are occurring in September!
      Celebrate and support those who wish to live car-free.
      Remember those who have lost their lives.

      Complete list of events at http://www.bclu.org/

      --->>>> Submit your own event! Email jmeggs@... or call 510.273.9288


      Informal drop-in discussions every Monday from 6-8 PM in Berkeley at
      Au Coquelet cafe, throughout September. Au Coquelet is located at
      Milvia and University, SE corner, near Berkeley BART.

      Reclaim the Streets: Props-making Sept. 24, 1-4 PM at the Infoshop,
      3124 Shattuck Avenue, two blocks east of Ashby BART, across from La
      Pena at Woolsey. (510) 540-0751. http://xinet.com/rts/


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