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RE: [carfree_cities] Traffic projections for the West Midlands - do-nothing vs. accelerated LTP

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  • Ronald Dawson
    ... traffic forecasts for a do nothing policy from now and the same for a policy putting a variety of Road Traffic Reduction Act Policies into effect
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 7, 2000
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      Simon Baddeley wrote:
      >I would be interested in reactions to the following data from the West
      >Midlands (UK) Local Transport Plan prepared by John Hawkins of Sandwell MBC
      >(0121 569 4221) covering the key WM conurbations. It includes base case
      traffic >forecasts for a "do nothing policy" from now and the same for a
      policy putting >a variety of Road Traffic Reduction Act Policies into effect
      including metro
      >extensions, road capacity restraints, show case bus lanes and "hearts and
      >minds" campaigns to get people to walk, cycle and make greater use of
      >transport. (As I understand it these figures refer to traffic flows within
      >number of local corridors between for example
      >-Solihull and excludes motorway traffic):

      Quite interesting report, was this part of some area origin/destination

      > The base survey figures for 1999 for total one-way trips (e.g. a typical
      >morning commute) were:

      >Car: 3609983 (75.09%), bus 1085798 (22.59%) and rail (inc. metro) 111664

      > The do-nothing option projection for 2011 is:

      >Car: 4106839 (77.24%), bus: 1082214 (20.35%) and rail (inc. metro): 127938

      > The 2011 accelerated Local Transport Plan is:

      >Car: 4069528 (76.54%), bus: 1057459 (19.89%) and rail (inc. metro): 190085

      The fluxes are interesting, are bus operations in the Birmingham area, like
      that of London Transport? http://www.travelwm.co.uk/buscon/busmap.html

      Also on a personal note, what might Railtrack and the Train Operating
      Companies be planning for the area (other that the West Coast Mainline

      > I would be unfair not to mention all the provisos about extrapolations
      >current trends that are mentioned in the report, but it looks as if so far
      >this report is concerned the main achievement will have been a reduction by
      >2011 of the projected increase in car trips.

      >If others know of this report and feel they need to correct these figures
      or my >interpretation of them I would be very grateful. I am interested in
      any other
      >comments as I intend to use this data as a context for a review I am
      writing of >Joel Crawford's recent book "Carfree Cities".

      These are other things I've found on the Birmingham area. Thanks, Dawson.
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