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Re: [carfree_cities] Car Free Cities Network

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  • J.H. Crawford
    ... True As Far As I Know (AFAIK). It s not actually part of the EU, but is a wholely EU-funded venture. ... Yup. The first conference had the ? at the end,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2000
      TJ asked about the Carfree Cities Network:

      >Thanks for the link. Can you give us any more up-to-date information
      >about the project? Have any residents moved in yet? Are any photos
      >Does everyone know about the european Car Free Cities Network? Does
      >anyone have more up-to-date information about it?

      >The Car Free Cities Network was launched by DG XI (Environment) of the
      >European Commission in
      >March 1994 at the "Car Free Cities?" Conference in Amsterdam.

      True As Far As I Know (AFAIK). It's not actually part of the EU,
      but is a wholely EU-funded venture.

      >The first
      >37 member cities who
      >joined the network at that time were committing themselves to
      >developing, exchanching and putting
      >in place techniques and management methods for the reduction of the
      >volume of traffic in cities, by
      >actively encouraging the use of more environmentally friendly modes of
      >transport than the car.

      Yup. The first conference had the "?" at the end, and ever since,
      it's been clear to me that it was about everything EXCEPT carfree
      cities. Still, they're headed in the right direction. I'm frankly
      a little surprised that they kept the name Car Free Cities when
      that's more or less officially been disavowed by the oranization.

      They were the organizers of the Bremen Initiative (or primary
      sponsors of the local Bremen organizers, I'm not sure which).
      The Bremen Initiative held a conference in, surprise, Bremen
      in June of this year where I presented a paper, "The Relative
      Ease of Marketing Carfree Cities," which can be read on-line at:


      There's another, more important meeting in Bremen in the spring
      or early summer of 2001, which will continue the themes of this
      year's conference and is supposed to have some kind of influence
      with the EU itself (although it's non-binding, I expect).

      Anybody else know more?



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