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Car-Free Month press release

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  • Jason Meggs
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jason Meggs September 4, 2000 Page: 510/720-2818 SEPTEMBER IS CAR-FREE MONTH September 21 is International
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      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jason Meggs
      September 4, 2000 Page: 510/720-2818

      September 21 is International Car-Free Day

      Activists plan first annual Car-Free Month full of events, actions, and
      teach-ins to "celebrate and support those who live car-free, and to
      remember those who have been disabled or have lost their lives to the

      A vibrant and diverse international movement is gathering steam to
      significantly reduce automobile use and abuse. From the Mayor of Bogota,
      Colombia who plans to eliminate automobile use from his city by 2015, to
      the much-celebrated landmark text, _Carfree_Cities_ by J.H. Crawford
      (2000), to the global Critical Mass movement which was born in San
      Francisco eight years ago this month, a common passion is emerging for a
      new (but very traditional) way of life "free from the danger, noise and
      pollution of the automobile".

      In the Bay Area, events include teach-ins (e.g., a book reading by Divorce
      Your Car author Kathie Alvord) to actions (e.g., biking the Bay Bridge,
      Reclaim the Streets, and protests on Car-Free Day) to memorials (e.g.,
      September 13 is the 101st anniversary of the first person killed by

      Car-Free Month aims to honor those who have the principles to make their
      own way, traveling by the healthier modes of walking, bicycling or using
      public transit. These heroes need to be recognized and our society needs
      to begin to treat such individuals with much deserved respect, and
      encourage others to do the same.

      It is possible to live without a car, but it has become incredibly hostile
      to do so. The powerful automobile lobbies have seen to it that
      alternative transportation options in this county are the worst in the
      developed world, even as we pour ever larger subsidies into creating an
      unsustainable automobile-only society that denies mobility, destroys the
      social fabric of neighborhoods, creates massive extinction and
      environmental catastrophe including global climate change, and has killed
      more U.S. citizens than all this country's wars.

      In California, bicyclists and pedestrians suffer 25% of traffic fatalities
      (due to automobiles), and make up well over 10% of all trips (by
      conservative estimates) yet receive less than 1% of our transportation
      dollars. Governor Gray Davis recently signed the largest transportation
      package in California's history, with exactly ZERO for bicyclists despite
      a tremendous public outcry. In addition, Davis slashed 10 of 14 Caltrans
      Bicycle Coordinators which that had been approved by both the assembly and
      the senate. Advocates are holding their breath this month hoping Davis
      will not veto three primary bills before him.

      Complete list of events at http://www.bclu.org/



      Anti-car festival of actions, teach-ins, and events!
      Momentous international and local events are occurring in September!
      Celebrate and support those who wish to live car-free.
      Remember those who have lost their lives.

      Complete list of events at http://www.bclu.org/

      --->>>> Submit your own event! Email jmeggs@... or call 510.273.9288


      Informal drop-in discussions every Monday from 6-8 PM in Berkeley at
      Au Coquelet cafe, throughout September. Au Coquelet is located at
      Milvia and University, SE corner, near Berkeley BART.

      Reclaim the Streets: Thursday, Sept. 7th, 7:30 PM, at the Infoshop.
      3124 Shattuck Avenue, two blocks east of Ashby BART, across from
      La Pena at Woolsey. (510) 540-0751. Props-making Sept. 24, 1-4.


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