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Fw: Help Prescott

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Thought you d appreciate this x-post, Simon ... From: Neil Gall To: Sent: 02 August 2000 11:08 Subject: RE:
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      Thought you'd appreciate this x-post, Simon

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      Sent: 02 August 2000 11:08
      Subject: RE: Help Prescott

      > From the urbancyclist-uk e-mail list
      > > One of the grimmest parts of the whole car-dependency lark,
      > > IMO, is the sheeplike acceptance of crap living conditions
      > I moved last month from a flat on the corner of a busy tributary into
      > Edinburgh (the A71) to a quiet 19th century city-centre colony. Our new
      > house is on a dead-end street, which itself turns off a dead-end street.
      > The quietness is astounding - I can actually open the windows and still
      > hear myself think. In the evening the street is filled with children
      > playing, but the local shop is a minute's walk away and buses into town
      > less than five minutes' walk away. It's amazing to think I'm less than
      > half a mile from where I was before.
      > > you could argue that *someone* has to live next to these routes.
      > Nobody should have to live with the kind of noise I got used to and
      > mostly put up with. I remember hearing that a Roman army would sleep
      > with their horses for warmth and the natural reaction was, "yuk,
      > wouldn't that be dirty and smelly?" But what would the average Roman
      > think of our incessant dirt, smell and noise?
      > Cheers,
      > Neil
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