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August Issue of Sustainable City news

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  • Richard Risemberg
    The August issue of Sustainable City News is online now at: http://www.sustainablecitynews.com This month we cover: Following in My Father s Tracks
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2012
      The August issue of Sustainable City News is online now at:

      This month we cover:

      Following in My Father's Tracks
      Albuquerque, despite its low-density sprawl and the priority given to the car, even when I lived there back in the 1970s, possessed a cycle path that led from near our home all the way to the University of New Mexico, where my father taught. As he did not enjoy being in a car, considering them a necessity to get out to the wilderness he loved but a detriment in the city, my father cycled to work everyday.

      Dallas and the Orange Line
      Dallas has a new light rail line! The Orange Line, which will eventually connect the city with DFW airport, saw its first day of public service July 30. For now it only goes as far as the Irving Convention Center, but will reach DFW sometime in 2014. My first ride went short of the recently constructed convention center.

      Trading Away Our Rights
      In a twist on Orwell, it is not Big Brother as government but rather as corporation that is interfering with the ability of local, state, and federal governments in the US and elsewhere to pass needed laws and policies. Although the process will affect hundreds of millions of people, it is occurring behind closed doors and without the knowledge of the vast majority of those likely to be harmed.

      Musings on a Laundromat
      There are, believe it or not, laundromats in Los Angeles that strive to be destinations as well. I've seen laundromats that house food kiosks, usually of fast-food brands, and children's play areas, and that offer WiFi. In fact, the little, almost anonymous laundromat I go to offers WiFi. I have tried it a couple of times, but over the years I've realized that I don't really need a distraction there. The ebb and flow of people inside, and weather and traffic outside, provide all the distraction I may need.

      Plus over a decade's worth of articles in our archives, as well as our City Pages, Podcasts, services, and more.

      Find "City places for city people" at Sustainable City News today!

      Richard Risemberg
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