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May Issue of Sustainable City News

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  • Richard Risemberg
    The May issue of Sustainable City News (formerly The New Colonist) is online now at: http://www.sustainablecitynews.com This month s offerings include: Trails
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2012
      The May issue of Sustainable City News (formerly The New Colonist) is
      online now at:

      This month's offerings include:

      Trails to the Future: Making Car-Free Possible in Dallas
      Imagine for a moment there were no roads. At least not roads for
      automobiles. We'd get a lot more exercise. Things would be a lot
      quieter. We'd meet a lot more people. We may not see an end to
      automobile-oriented roadways for some time, but residents of a number
      of new apartment complexes lining the Katy Trail in Dallas are
      getting to know a little about what a car-free life is like.

      The Park in the Middle of Everywhere
      Most of Los Angeles is unknown, even to Angelenos. The city is vast,
      the traffic wearying, and many neigbhorhoods are hidden in little
      valleys among the megalopolis's many hills. And of course car culture
      keeps travelers channeled on freeways and main roads, their eyes
      locked on the bumper in front of them (when they aren't glued to a
      smartphone screen). It's no wonder that people can live in town for
      decades and never know most of its districts as anything more than an
      occasional odd name in the news.

      The Great Transition
      Hundreds of diverse international communities in 35 countries
      comprise the adaptable Transition movement, but everyone involved
      agrees on this: The world's cheap oil supply will soon run out,
      shocking a society dependent on fossil fuels for its way of life.
      Climate change will drastically alter the world. People working
      together with their neighbors can better prepare for whatever happens.

      What Belongs in a City
      Cities oftentimes are planned in a linear manner by policy makers,
      city officials and city planners. But the lines are getting blurred.
      What about the more abstract ideas of what it means to belong and
      live in a city?

      Plus our archives, blog, and more!

      Richard Risemberg
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